the plot and actors of the film based on the book by Donna Tartt

The 2019 film The Goldfinch starring Nicole Kidman, based on the novel of the same name by Donna Tartt, will air on Iris tonight in prime time.

Goldfinch tonight on Iris: the plot and actors of the film based on the book by Donna Tartt

Tonight, Friday, September 1st, at again at 21:00 Goldfinch, a 2019 drama film directed by John Crowley based on the novel of the same name (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014) by Donna Tartt. The film will also be simultaneously available for free viewing on Mediaset Infinity.


Goldfinch 6

The Goldfinch: The Scene with Ansel Elgort

Theo Decker lost his mother in an attack, killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Left alone, the boy confides in the family of his friend Andy Barbour. From that moment on, his life turns into a painful journey in search of hope for the future. However, Theo knows Hobie, an antique shop owner who, like him, lost someone in a museum explosion. These two are united by a great passion for art.

Over time, Theo begins to bond with Mrs. Barbour and adjust to his new family, so much so that Andy reveals that his parents are considering adopting him. The illusion is dispelled by the arrival of Larry, Theo’s recently rehabilitated alcoholic father. Forced to move to Las Vegas, the boy takes with him The Goldfinch, a painting by Karel Fabricius that his mother loved very much and that Theo even stole from the museum after the attack.


Goldfinch, painting by Karel Fabricius

Back in New York, Theo remained a sad and melancholy boy, even though he found a new friend, Boris, who introduced him to drug and alcohol use.
In the Big Apple, Theo finds part of Andy’s family and especially Hobie, for whom he starts working as an art forger. After abandoning a failed relationship with Kitsy, Andy’s sister, and taking on illegal work, he discovers that the “Goldfinch” has been stolen from him; thus begins a new odyssey in the hope of getting him back.


Ansel Elgort will play the lead role of Theo Decker when he grows up, while Oakes Feegley will play him when he is young. Aneurin Barnard and Finn Wolfhard play Boris Pawlikowski, an adult and a boy respectively, while Sarah Paulson plays Xandra. Together with them, the cast also includes Nicole Kidman (Samantha Barbour), Ashley Cummings (Pippa), Willa Fitzgerald (Kitsy Barbour), Luke Wilson (Larry), Jeffrey Wright (Hobie Hobart).

Here the promo airs on Mediaset networks and is available on Mediaset Infinity.

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