The plot of the film Sky with Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles

lor last year these days Venice Film Festival announced presence at the Lido Harry Styles AND Olivia Wildeperformer and director Don’t worry dearthe film is being televised tonight on Sky Cinema Uno (at 21.15) and streamed on Now.

Harry Styles greets fans in Italian: 'I love this place and its people with all my heart'

Harry Styles greets fans in Italian: 'I love this place and its people with all my heart'

A year has passed, and the director / actress is no longer with the former soloist. One directionBye Harry Stylesjust in those hours, stirred up fans who flocked to Campovolo on his last date Love on tour. To view the former couple together, just take a look at psychological thriller the action takes place in the 50s in an ideal reality in the middle of the desert. The cast also has a very good Florence Pugh.

Don’t worry dear: the plot of the film with Harry Styles

We are in the 50s. Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles) are husband and wife and live in an idealized community Victorya company town built in the middle of the desert and created by Frank’s evil mind (Chris Pine). Men idyllic community they are working on a top secret project while their wives are working on Purchasehouse cleaning, solarium and cooking.

Optimism reigns in this micro-community that borders on perfection and which actually hiding something perverted. Will Alice open the cracks of the earthly Paradise and what lies behind Project Victory. The incomprehensible and apparently hidden suicide of a neighbor will open your eyes to Alice who begins to doubt Frank, Jack and residents of Victory. Effect suspense it escalates over time, and with the clues a woman manages to gather to discover bloodcurdling truth. At this point, he begins his escape attempt (alla The Truman Show), and the viewer discovers i his nightmares and memories of a past that has been erased.

Harry Style and Taylor Russell’s new love

And think that just a year ago Don’t worry dear was announced on Venice Film Festival and a huge crowd appeared in Venice to see Harry Styles together with partner, director and actress of the film Olivia Wilde. The case also eluded us spit during preview. Who forgets…

One year later, Harry Styles and Wild broke up, and the former lead singer of the group One direction, just at that hour he concluded his Love on tour in Campovolo, enthralling hundreds of thousands of fans with their songs and greetings in almost perfect Italian. Accompanied him by his new love, Taylor Russellactress Mrs. Bones and allwho was in Venice last year to present the film Luca Guadagnino. Could they meet right on the Lido?


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