The Polish government Open a game site that the children Feel at home

194 – In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus, the Polish government turned out to be a unique method for people to do to keep social distancing.

With the closure of the schools, the Polish government build a Website gaming named Therefore, the game rated as one of the most effective means in the position to have the interest of the community, especially the children.

Therefore, the state government has also build aware so young people can live more comfortably in the house and not be bored.

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Through this Website you are able to a variety of the game and interactive services such as quiz and puzzle.

There is also a server Minecraft-public funding of in-game activities together. In server the special was made by the government of Poland, a tournament was held to create replicas of famous buildings.

The Minecraft players in server it was given a plot of land and building materials of the virtual as a material of the competition, how it should be assembled KompasTekno from MashableOn Thursday (26/3/2020).

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For the future, the Polish government plans to add interactive content to another, such as webinar Theme Development the game, Riddles and quiz questions on the history of Poland.

Polish to combat the outbreak of the corona virus is one of the countries that are struggling. Based on the data Worldometer, in Poland, per day, there are already more than 1,000 cases Covid-19, with 14 of the victims died.