The possible promotion of Barça B, changes plans of Barcelona


The pandemic has served to reflect on the future, which is why a lot of clubs begin to plan their next season. It is the case of the Barcelona of the League of Spainequipment that has not been able to move forward with the recruitment of players, as the possible rise of the Barca B I would change the logistics of the next season.

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The basic forces of a Barcelona they are very good, they have been able to develop players of world-class, and now bore fruit as a team. It turns out that the Barcelona B that participates in the Second Division B, will play in the month of July the play off against the Murciathe winner will get the automatic upgrade to the Second Division.

This situation has been arrested by the officers arsenal, since by now they must wait to know which players will be able to have for the first team and that will boost the Barca B:

“With the rise of the Barca B players like Monchu, Hill, Riqui, Ansu, Araujo, Pedri (in The Palm), or Miranda (who will return from his transfer to Schalke) would have better scenario to combine the two teams, benefiting, in addition, to the staff of Quique Setién”, gives a source close to the club told ESPN.

There is not a lot of time Barcelonaas The League it has planned to restart activities on the 12th of June and end the last week of July. This will put you in trouble Barcelonaas they will need to make a decision as to what team will be the players returning from loan and the reinforcements for the template Quique Setién.

“To speak of many names, but there will be less transfers that you create. Lautaro… And we’ll see if any more”, which only include arrivals “whether it is through exchanges,” which, it warns you, “are not so simple, because it is like a puzzle in which you must convince the players that they can leave,” said the source.

In the event that the promotion is given, many players would be benefited, because they might jump more quickly to the First Division, and its formation would be better.

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