The post of Clicia Incorvaia left everyone speechless

Post Clicia Incorvaia left everyone speechless: her son Gabriele is incredibly similar to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Clitzia Incorvaia found love in the house about three years ago Big Brother VIP. Francesco Sarcina’s ex-girlfriend decided to take part in this reality show in order to start a new life and end her marriage once and for all, because of which she suffered greatly. He would never have thought that right in the very spy house of Italy he would find the love of his life. After all, it is there his path crossed with Paolo Chavarro.

Clizia Incorvaia will leave you speechless
Clizia Incorvaia, incredible resemblance (instagram @cliziaincorvaia)

For them, this was the beginning of a real modern fairy tale. In fact, after exiting the program, they never left. They built their lives together and more than a year ago they had a child whom they love more than themselves: Gabriel.

A newcomer to the family filled their lives with colors and light, after a very difficult period that Klitsia went through, due to the collapse of her marriage with the famous singer of the group vibrations.

Clicia Incorvaia: her son Gabriele and his incredible resemblance

Clitzia and Paolo have been a very popular couple on social media ever since they met on GF Vip. At that time, they had many fans who followed them, believed in their love and were happy because they really became a family. Their little Gabriele is growing every day and looks like both parents.

Clizia incorvaia incredible resemblance
Clizia Incorvaia, incredible resemblance (instagram @cliziaincorvaia)

But Gabriele not only looks like mom and dad, but also the famous Hollywood actor we all know: Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, Clicia posted a series of photographs of Leonardo taken as a child, and in fact the resemblance between him and his Gabriele is quite clear.

And who knew that I had Leo DiCaprio in my arms, baby? — wrote Klitsia in the caption to the post, which was shared with their subscribers. Gabriele, by the way, is really breathtakingly beautiful. In the comments, someone told her that they didn’t really see the resemblance to the actor, however, emphasizing that the child is really wonderful and he has nothing to envy from Hollywood stars.

In short, little Gabriela seems destined to become a handsome man, to the delight of Clicia Incorvaia and Paolo Chavarro, who are delighted with such a beautiful son and may already be taking care of him. career in show business.

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