the postponed semifinal between Godoy Cruz and Talleres would already have a date

He turned 10 in September and is part of the regular calendar, but the Argentine Cup usually has flexible dates. Play when you can, in a nutshell. In that sense, the semifinal between Talleres and Godoy Cruz was set for this Friday at 10:30 p.m. in San Luis. However, in the next few hours the postponement of the duel between Cordoba and Mendoza will be confirmed by December 1. Yes, just a couple of days before the scheduled day and time, the AFA will communicate its decision after a large thread.

After Tomba’s victory against Tigre, in the previous phase, there was a meeting between José Mansur, president of the Mendoza entity, and Juan Bautista Fassi, Andrés’s brother -mandas of the Cordovan club- and finance secretary. And instead of playing in the first week of November, like Boca vs Argentinos, both leaders agreed to play the other semi on Friday 12. They asked that the match that, coincidentally, faced them for the Professional League be scheduled for Saturday and everyone was satisfied. Ultimately, they were going to have six days off.

Nevertheless, an unexpected problem arose for Talleres. Before the series of injuries (Radamel Falcao García included), Reinaldo Rueda decided to summon Diego Valoyes for the Colombian National Team. And he is not just another player, it is clear, in the structure of Alexander Medina. That is why the Cordovan leaders sent a letter to the AFA demanding the change of date.

In Godoy Cruz they reacted with row. “We consider the request of Talleres de Córdoba as improper and violative of any norm of fair competition, seeking full sporting advantage, above what is established, “Mansur stated in a harsh statement.

Calendar coincidence.  Godoy Cruz received Talleres last weekend for the Professional League.  He won the T in Mendoza.

Calendar coincidence. Godoy Cruz received Talleres last weekend for the Professional League. He won the T in Mendoza.

The anger of the Tomba It has to do with the decision that Diego Flores made: save the majority of the starters for the Argentine Cup match. That is why he played with several substitutes, precisely, against Talleres and lost (2 to 0) in Mendoza.

The people of Cordoba take refuge in that River, Racing and Boca they had exceptions in the programming of their matches. “We asked to play on another date because they summoned Valoyes to us,” Fassi acknowledged to Clarion. He who does not run, flies in the corridors of Viamonte.

Boca, meanwhile, waits for the final, which would be played on December 8 or 9. On the 17th, meanwhile, the Champions Trophy will be played between Colón, winner of the League Cup, and the champion of the current tournament. And everything indicates that it will be River.

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