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What’s New from Director Jane Campion premieres on Netflix on December 1.

The power of the dog, the new film by director Jane Campion, premieres on Netflix on December 1st after passing through movie theaters on November 19. The film, based on the novel by Thomas savage, stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons and Kodi Smit-McPhee and two of these actors refused to speak to each other during the filming of the film.

The story follows two brothers: Phil (Cumberbatch) and George Burbank (Plemons). They both own a ranch and their personalities are very different. The first is cruel and intelligent, the second is kind and empathetic. When George marries the widow Rose (Dunst), her and her son Peter (Smit-McPhee) move to the Burbank ranch. Phil, faced with this change in his life, psychologically tortures Rose.

With this summary, you may have already discovered which two actors chose not to speak to each other during filming to keep their characters on their toes: Cumberbatch and Dunst. He has been the actor who gives life to Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange at Marvel Cinematic Universe who has counted in NME this anecdote during the film’s production.

I didn’t want to be mean to Kirsten, but I needed to stay in character. So I didn’t speak to her on set. She did the same. We were the negative part of the positive part of the other. We repelled each other

To prepare for his character, Cumberbatch also discussed his dreams with coach Kim Gillingham and stayed in Phil’s shoes during filming. Not just with Dunst, but with the whole team as well.

Campion introduced me to the team as Phil and said, ‘You’ll meet Benedict at the end. Benedict is very nice. Phil is Phil ‘. And he gave me carte blanche to say: ‘No.’ To be, really, Phil. To keep me in his shoes. “

On these lines, do not miss the trailer of The power of the dog. The film seems to be one of the bets for the Oscar 2022.

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