the powerful discourse of the Games in honor of Kobe Bryant


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Nearly a month of the death of the Kobe Bryant’s, which took place on the 26th of January, Beyoncé has been chosen to open up for the honor of the basketball star, made in At The Staples Centerlocated in Los Angeles, california, with the theme of “XO,” which, as I have said, the singer was a favorite of an ex-athlete, an understanding that has been the trigger for a ceremony in which many of the attendees came dressed in the jerseys of the Los Angeles Lakers, and with their distinctive colours, yellow and purple.

Her we continued with the theme of “Halo” before you say some emotional words for him. “I’m here because I love Japan and this was one of her favorite songs,” he said to the queen of pop on “XO”.

In addition to the Her, Alicia Keys played on the piano, from the piano sonata in the moonlight by ludwig van Beethoven, and Christina Aguilera she sang the Ave Maria.