The powerful reason for Jameela Jamil to avoid a look in the mirror


And so as not to aggravate the disorder that he suffers and that affects the perception she has of her own physical.
“The only time of day that I look in the mirror in the morning, when I do the crease of the eye, and when I desmaquillo for the night. I’m not interested in the idea of obsessed too much with how I am. I don’t leave to be someone who suffers from dysmorphia body, so in my case it may be detrimental,” he explained in an interview with People. “It has helped Me to concentrate more on my progress and achievements, and to seek things that enrich my life, as improve to a professional level or to cultivate my personal relationships. That is what confidence brings to me”.

The other trick of the celebrity to avoid falling into a state of mind negative pass by surround yourself with a group of loved ones and friends, and that was precisely what was missing when you ended up developing an eating disorder in adolescence.