The powerful reason why Dani, Gaby Spanic’s twin sister, stays away from the art world

The Venezuelan has put aside her career as an actress and host

The world of soap operas would not have been so successful in the 90s if it had not been for the beautiful and talented Venezuelan Gabriela Spanic, remembered for her iconic role in “La Usurpadora”, among other productions where she starred.

In addition to Gaby’s waste of talent on the small screen, at the same time was her twin sister Daniela, who also participated in the aforementioned novel.

It is known that Gaby participated in the program “Dancing with the Stars” in Hungary, and is still active in show business while Dani has completely withdrawn from any participation that has to do with the media.

Apparently, Spanic lives with her daughter Katalina whom she considers a miracle in life. And it is that when it was 2007, who was in the novel “La Duda” in 2002 suffered a stroke when she was pregnant with her offspring.

Currently, her social networks serve to reflect that her family life keeps her happy and positive. And it is that in most of the postcards that she uploads to Instagram they are with her daughter, who has become her life partner since she divorced her partner and Katalina’s father, Adema Nahum.

In addition to her role as a mother, Dani Spanic has been attracted to drawing, a talent that she has developed over the years and that shows that she explores her talent in any artistic field.

Her new skills and the way of life she leads is the way she has overcome the obstacles that have been presented to him in life. A year ago Gabriela Spanic’s sister suffered a sodium drop that was about to lead her to die, as she confessed on the Sale el Sol program.

He is also dealing with the aftermath of the stroke she experienced 13 years ago. At 46, the beautiful Venezuelan artist decided to get away from all stress to focus on what fills her the most, which is her family.

And not only from those closest to him, but she also receives tokens of love from her fans, who remain at the cannon in what happens around him, something that shows that her great heart has always been a constant.

Although she has not taken her career to another level like her sister, Daniela Spanic has proven to be a warrior and it is that feeling that has led her to be an example for others.


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