The practical hair look that’s so popular

Belen Rodriguez, a name that often echoes recently. This is nothing new, but between the farewell mediaset And love in full swing – testified even by Ponza’s last mini escape with the kids Stephen DeMartino She is still the queen of gossip. And, further confirmation, the queen of style. One of the previous posts made a lot of noise. Meanwhile, for a minor mistake that fans haven’t forgiven: she wrote ‘disaggio’ in the caption of the gallery that immortalises her in the middle of the street going to the dentist in Milan.

Belen Rodríguez speaks fluent Italian. He probably still has some difficulty writing it, but it has to be said that the haters They worked too hard for that ‘G’: “How uncomfortable it is to have millions And don’t know how to speak”, “However, reading a good book opens your mind”, “Incongruity and culture go hand in hand”, is written below. But despite the criticism, he did not change the text of his caption to correct the mistake. Which is actually still there, in black and white. But let’s focus on the looks.

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Belen Rodriguez, she also lives in the trendy hair look

Very simple But no less chic for this, Belen Rodriguez is wearing a black and white polka dot mini, a light backless knitted top with lace, and black moccasins with white socks. Black glasses, book in hand and designer bag, she picked up Hair Adopting one of the most adored trends by celebs.

From Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid at the Jacquemus “Le Chouchou” Fashion Show via Tina Kunaki and Adele Exarchopoulos: bottom bun He also won Showgirls of Argentina. After all, this is the trendy hairstyle for the summer of 2023 and beyond. It takes cues from the aesthetic of the flats, the elegant and super tight chignon that Simon Porte Jacquemus definitely coveted at Paris Fashion Week.


How did you make thislook hair Who also plays Belen Rodriguez? As Cosmopolitan writes, hairpins will definitely be needed to secure the hairstyle and a special donut will also be needed to use after the hair has been tied into a low ponytail for the first time. Obviously, the color to choose is based on your hair. And then a gel or lacquer to stop everything.

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