The premieres of Netflix for January 2020


Like all months, Netflix ahead of what will be the premieres for the next month. This time, in Januaryto begin the year 2020, the streaming platform will launch, among others, the second season of the series Sex Education and the sixth of BoJack Horsemanwhile among the films there will be new features such as Jurassic Park and Close encounters of the third kind.

Check out the full list:


Sex Education: Season 2 (17/1/2020)
Second season of the series, the same fixed idea. It seems hard to believe, but Otis ended up becoming the sexperto of the school.

The hidden world of Sabrina: Part 3 (24/1/2020)
Kiernan Shipka takes up the role of the witch Sabrina in the third part of the series of horror-based comics, of Archie.

BoJack Horseman: Season 6 (Part B) (31/1/2020)
BoJack strives to redeem himself hoof to hoof. First obstacle: the rehabilitation clinic. A horseshoe-luck does not come nothing wrong.

Dracula (Coming Soon)
Mini-series from the creators of Sherlock, inspired by the classic novel of Bram Stoker. With Claes Bang in the role of Dracula.

The Titans: Season 2 (10/1/2020)
Things have changed. Robin and the Titans already are not the same group of misfits before, but their enemies also.

Grace and Frankie: Season 6 (15/1/2020)
Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are still reinventing and returning to the sixth season more witty and sharp than ever.

Messiah (1/1/2020)
A CIA officer investigates a charismatic figure, whose followers believe that they can make miracles Will it be a divine entity or a dangerous con artist?

The Circle (1/1/2020)
The contest, which asks how far you’re willing to get on the social networks for a prize of one hundred thousand dollars. To be or not to be oneself, that is the question.

AJ and the Queen (10/1/2020)
Series hilarious about a drag queen who goes through a bad streak and intersects EE. UU. with a child on board the van. Starring RuPaul.

Anne with an E: final Season (3/1/2020)
A special birthday is the starting point for a journey to the origins of Anne, which tries to solve the problems of the heart and puts the gaze on the horizon.

Hip-Hop Evolution: Season 4 (17/1/2020)
The fourth season is still looking for the stories and melodies that shaped the culture of hip-hop in EE. UU.

The Ranch: final Season (24/1/2020)
A jeweler of New York city has more and more debts, and debt collectors pile up dangerously. Lost by lost, there is no other to take a risk.

Heartland: Season 13 (1/1/2020)
The business problems and the family drama put to the test the marriage of Amy and Ty, who are still raising their daughter Lyndy while tending temporarily to Luke.

Knightfall: Season 2 (20/1/2020 )
Looming battle between the church and the state when the young royal comes to power, and a veteran of the struggles he joins the templars in Paris.


Who to iron kill (15/1/2020)
The arrival of a exconvicto narco to the residence of elders creates a dilemma and opens old wounds in Mario (Luis Tosar), the head of nurses.

Diamonds in the rough (31/1/2020)
A jeweler of New York city has more and more debts, and debt collectors pile up dangerously. Lost by lost, there is no other to take a risk.

Live twice (17/1/2020)
Want to find the great love of his youth with the help of the daughter and the granddaughter, but her memory is becoming more and more fragile. What will come before it gets dark?

Everything, everything (19/1/2020)
Maddy has an autoimmune disease that does not allow you to leave the house, but the neighbor again he will not let that stop them from being together.

The last viceroy (2/1/2020)
The viceroy lord Mountbatten arrives at Delhi to oversee the transfer of power from Britain to India, and looming war between the religious factions.

Mamma mia! (1/1/2020)
On the Greek island of Kalokairi, a single mother goes mad when his daughter, bride to be, invited three former former lovers of her mother to the wedding.

Jurassic park (1/1/2020)
A billionaire opens a theme park of dinosaurs that will astonish the world, but safety will be of the hands… and the huge creatures of the past escape.

The supremacy Bourne (1/1/2020)
In this enthralling sequel, Jason Bourne must leave his refuge to escape a killer, and is involved in secret alliances, plots and shootouts.

Jurassic park III (1/1/2020)
The problem for this group of explorers will not be the forced landing on the island of Mockery, but to escape from being dinner for its prehistoric inhabitants.

Jane Eyre (1/1/2020)
Expelled from the house Thornfield, the governess Jane Eyre reflects on her youth and the events that led to the moors and misty.

Road to fame (1/1/2020)
Twelve dance students compete for a place in the Company of American Ballet, physical ability and determination, to make their dreams come true.

Close encounters of the third kind (1/1/2020)
The Earth is wrapped up in events unexplained. A man, obsessed with the visits heaven, hears the call of a mysterious mountain.

Game of Friday night (1/1/2020)
This drama shows the efforts of Gary Gaines, the coach of a football team of Texas, by bring his team to the state championships.


The sex, in a few words: Mini-series (2/1/2020)
Attraction, fantasies, and fertility. A series with all the secrets of sex that informs and entertains. Narrated in English by actress and singer Janelle Monáe.

Pandemic (22/1/2020)
Series on the annual cycle of the flu virus that exposes the lack of preparation and the chaos that could cause.

Cheerleaders in action (8/1/2020)
Corsicana is a small town in texas famous for its brand of chile, but it has another large export product: the best cheerleaders in the world.

Drugs, Inc.: Season 6 (1/1/2020)
The sixth season explores all aspects of the illegal traffic of heroin, cocaine and other illicit drugs, for example, a powerful opioid known as “krokodil”.