the premonitory dream of a survivor

Five years ago, football and the world remained shocked by the accident of the plane that transported the team of Chapecoense, who was traveling to play the final of the South American Cup in view of National Athletic but his dreams crashed a few kilometers from the Medellín airport.

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Over time, details of the inefficiency of Lamia, the responsible airline, became known, and the date remained as a symbol of union in world sport: the Cup was handed over to the club, which, in addition to losing almost its entire squad, also lost a good part of its leadership. The tributes circulated through all the fields of the planet, like the stories that the tragedy hid.

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Only three of the footballers who traveled survived the crash of the ship against a mountain: Jakson Follmann, Alan Ruschel and Helio Neto. It was precisely the last one who experienced a kind of deja vu before death stalked him and it will take a huge amount of your peers and friends.

All survivors receive the champions trophy.  EFE

All survivors receive the champions trophy. EFE

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Days before starting the trip to Colombia, when everyone was thinking about what would be the result of the final that would define the champion of the South American, the central defender who was 31 years old at the time. he awoke with a start after a terrible dream that, sadly, would later come true.

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“I dreamed it would happen. A few days before we left for the final of the Copa Sudamericana in Colombia, I had a terrible nightmare. When I woke up, I told my wife that I had been in a plane crash.”, the now former player began his story to The Players Tribune, when a few years ago he gave his testimony about the tragedy that changed his life forever.

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But what is striking is with the precision that the nightmare recounts, almost identical in characteristics at the moment of impact: “I was on the plane at night and it was raining a lot. Then the plane shut down. It fell from the sky. But somehow I was able to get up from the rubble. I got out and was on a mountain at night. Everything was dark. That’s all. that I remembered. ”

Neto and the miracle of surviving.  AFP

Neto and the miracle of surviving. AFP

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That dream penetrated the mind and heart of Neto, who could not get that thought out of his head until the moment of the trip to Colombia. “On the day of the trip to the finals, I couldn’t get the nightmare out of my mind. The dream was so vivid. It was hammering in my mind.”, He said, in addition to revealing that he sent a message to his girlfriend to pray for him

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“Then I saw that all the things in the dream really happened … Not many people on earth have been through that time before. In a second you are on your way to conquer your dreams with all your friends and they are all happy, and then, the next second, all the power goes out on the plane and you fall out of the sky “, narrated Neto, with the feeling of having lived the same nightmare twice.

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Neto remembers the accident well, with the precision of someone who could see it twice. But it has no records of when it was saved: He was the last of the seven survivors that rescuers found, when he was groaning unconsciously lying in the middle of the mountain, with very little chance of survival.

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Once admitted, he spent 10 days in a drug coma, while doctors fought to save his life. When he woke up, they had to tell him what happened: “Once I woke up and saw that my father was sitting in the chair crying. All the doctors came into the room. My mother and father were there. My sister. A psychologist. Pastor. They told me they had something to tell me.” .

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His father asked him if he remembered the dream he had had and he replied, in detail, that he did. “Something strange happened when I started talking about my dream. The psychologist left the room crying. My mother was crying. The doctor said, ‘Well, that was not a dream, Neto. That was all reality. The plane crashed. ‘ That was one of the hardest moments of my life “revealed.

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A movie story within the main story, the one that took the The lives of 71 people, including soccer players and other members of the squad, leaders, journalists and crew members. Since then, he believes that he owes a debt to God. “If you keep me alive, if I survive, I’m going to dedicate myself to communicating to the world that you exist,” he thought before being rescued.

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Follmann, the archer who lived, published an image doing a barbecue the day they are fulfilled five years of sad history. He lost his leg as a result of the accident, although he goes through life with an always positive attitude that he reflects in each post and in each interview.

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Ruschel was the only one of the three who managed to play football again. Now in America from Brazil, chose not to speak about the date. He was captain in the promotion achieved by Chape in January of this year. Neto, who left football after several attempts to return, He shared some fan stories about the anniversary on his Instagram.

This is how the Chapecoense plane remained after the accident.

This is how the Chapecoense plane remained after the accident.

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