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The price of Bitcoin contracts in Venezuela, while in Mexico it soars in the last seven days

In line with the performance experienced in the rest of the global markets, The price of Bitcoin in the Latin American region continues to show an exceptional performance in the main Latin American economies.

Since the price of Bitcoin hit the psychological high of 50k in the middle of the week, its lateral movement of prices with upward momentum has allowed the main asset of the market to consolidate more strongly against some of the main fiat currencies in the region. Let’s take a look at their performance.


Argentina continues to show a weakness of its local currency against the active leader of the ecosystem. At the time of publishing this post, the price of Bitcoin is trading at $ 8,747,063.51 Argentine Pesos (ARS), according to the exchange Gravel.

According to this price, the weekly variation of the price of Bitcoin against the local currency of Argentina is located in an increase of + 1.51%.


In the coffee nation, Bitcoin’s bullish price momentum has slightly diminished in the last 24 hours, going back a 1.3%, as reported Buda.com.

Nevertheless, weekly growth continues to be maintained at the same percentage, which means that the price of Bitcoin is now one $ 186,955,152 Colombian Pesos (COP).


In the southern nation the negative trend due to the correction of the price of Bitcoin in the last 24 hours is closing against the local currency, the Chilean Peso (CLP).

Consequently, Buda.com reports a weekly growth of almost two percentage points with respect to the local fiat currency of Chile.


In the Aztec nation, the price of Bitcoin continues to consolidate its trajectory towards one million Mexican pesos (MXN).

From Bitso They tell us that the price of Bitcoin is less than 4 thousand Mexican pesos to break the ceiling of one million MXN.

At the current listing price, Bitcoin has gained ground by an average of + 3.07% only in the last seven days.


After breaking the barrier of 200 thousand Peruvian Soles (PEN), the price of Bitcoin in Peru has experienced a significant correction in the last 24 hours, as we can see in the report of Buda.com.

Nevertheless, Despite this strong correction of almost two percentage points, the market leading cryptocurrency remains strong against Peru’s local currency, gaining a + 1.2% in the last seven days it continues to maintain it above 200 thousand PEN.


To end, In Venezuela, the price of Bitcoin continues to experience an unusual reduction in its price against the local currency, the Sovereign BolĂ­var (VES), for the second consecutive week.

At Airtm, a reference p2p exchange in the oil nation, the price of Bitcoin has fallen by a staggering -3.54% in the last seven days.

With this new fall in the price of Bitcoin, its decline against the Bolivar in the last 15 days is four percentage points.

The opinions expressed in this post are the sole responsibility of the Author and they have nothing to do with Cointelegraph’s editorial line. Every investment carries risk and you should do your proper research before investing. This post cannot be taken as financial advice.

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