The price of the iPhone 7 drops Drastically Nih! Are Interested To Buy?


WE Online, Surakarta

The price of the iPhone 7 drops drastically! The price is one of the most popular products from Apple that it is now in the range of Rp3,9 million euros of Rp 5.9 million.

the iPhone 7 is available in one model (32GB), while the iPhone 7s, there are two models (32 GB and 128 GB). Price reduction happens because the iPhone released in 2017, it already has the ranks of the successor, of the new.

If re-released, which sold the iPhone 7 to Rp12 million. To Rp3 now, the price,9 million for the devices with 32 GB of internal memory.

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While the iPhone 7 Plus is priced in Rp14 million in 2017, but now the price went up to touch the figure of Rp 5.9 million.

A little information about the technical data, the iPhone 7 is equipped with a camera of 12 megapixels at the back and the camera swafoto 7MP in the future. It is a technology of optical image stabilization in the camera.

the iPhone 7 Plus the power supply is through the camera lens, Tele-and Wide-angle 12MP, the ability to zoom visually, 2x, and zoom digital up to 10x.

Both are equally chip-fusion A10 who claimed two times faster than the iPhone 6. The operating system is iOs 10.