The process of implementation of the medical career began in Jujuy – SOMOS JUJUY

From the National University of Jujuy they began the process for the implementation of the medical career. The concretion would be together with the UNSa.

Recently the rector of the National University of Jujuy (UNJu) and president of the National Interuniversity Council (CIN), Rodolfo Tecchi, held a meeting at the National University of Salta (UNSa).

Tecchi was received by his peer, Víctor Claros, and by the deputy governor of Salta, Antonio Marocco. The objective of the meeting was to advance the agenda for the implementation of the medical career in the province of Jujuy.

It is a process that will enable a classroom extension of the National University of Salta in Jujuy, incorporating in the UNJu the new academic offer in a format of inter-institutional cooperation. This would occur in this way, taking into account that the neighboring house of studies managed in 2021 to accredit, before the Ministry of Education of the Nation, the academic conditions and have the necessary infrastructure to develop the career in its own way.

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In this context, Rodolfo Tecchi pointed out: «We are going to take advantage of the valuable experience of the UNSa in this matter to be able to dictate medicine in the UNJu, we have the support of the rector Víctor Claros and also of the vice-governor Antonio Marocco so we have the necessary impulse to realize a career highly demanded by the community Jujuy, surely we have to do a great job with various institutions and more than anything with the hospitals of our Province.

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For his part, Antonio Marocco emphasized: “We are convinced that the only way for the development of the NOA provinces is regional integration. Today we celebrate this meeting and be able to accompany events that serve to improve educational quality.”

Meanwhile, Víctor Claros from the University of Salta highlighted: “Jujuy deserves the opportunity to have a degree in medicine and as Rector I am determined to support this initiative because since before the pandemic we have been working with the UNJu.”


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