“The professor at La Casa de Papel was disappointed by the robbery”: the memes did not forgive the frustrated robbery in Medellín

The frustrated robbery in the exclusive sector of El Poblado, in Medellín, left two great topics of discussion in networks: the first, the serious security situation that exists not only in the capital of Antioquia, but in much of the country with exacerbation in rural areas and large cities -including Bogotá, Cali, Bucaramanga, and others-; while the second was the large number of memes left by that criminal act that ended with the capture of eleven people in flagrante delicto, including a subject wearing a traffic guard uniform.

Despite the fear that was lived on Las Vegas Avenue, the laughter was not lacking in social networks, not because of the assault itself, but because of the poor execution of it on a gold warehouse that led to a quick action by the police.

“Those guys played a lot of gta V. Lester organized that for sure,” said a user on Twitter, stating that the robbery was carried out simulating the iconic game ‘Grand Theft Auto’. Several even made the montage of the game’s cover using background images of the event that occurred in El Poblado.

Another topic of mockery on Twitter was the comparison of the event with the series ‘La casa de papel’; several even thought that they were doing a new season in the City of the eternal spring and they even bet on the names of the characters that would be part of the delivery. They even used characters from the Spanish production to make fun of the robbery and its poor adaptation, a fact that would have disappointed ‘Berlin’ and ‘Professor’.

Even the renowned Netflix series was mentioned by Mayor Daniel Quintero to make a comparison. “Let this be a message for all the criminals who believe that Netflix can do it here. No gentlemen, here we have the best Police in Colombia, we have the most powerful camera system and 123 in the country and the collaboration of the community “, said the local president energetically.

Another fact that caused curiosity was that, in one of the videos recorded by citizens who were close to the place, a man appears jogging, evidencing his relaxed attitude in contrast to the environment that was lived. They compared him to Forest Gump for appearing running indifferently to what was happening.

Speaking of those who recorded those videos, they were not spared from being mocked either, since in other circumstances people would have ducked taking into account the shooting that was recorded.

On the other hand, and moving on to more serious issues but related to the same event, in preliminary versions it was known that four people were captured in flagrante delicto, however, the same Police confirmed that a total of 11 subjects involved in the millionaire assault were detained. .

Likewise, the first president of that city warned seven of those captured have judicial records; in addition, seven weapons were seized, including a Mini Uzi submachine gun, and six bulletproof vests. Five motorcycles and one van-type vehicle were also immobilized.


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