The Prosecutor’s Office arrives to verify municipal work in the urbanization of María Ochiliadora

Enterprise resource planning. Neighbors in the urbanization of María Auxiliadora, Talara Alta, Jose Guillermo Penta UrbinaAccording to reports, it has been notified that a financial verification of the work carried out by the commune in this field will be carried out next Wednesday, September 20, at 11 a.m.

He said that the Surana Provincial Prosecutor’s Office specialized in environmental affairs, the Environmental Forensic Group (EFOMA), the Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Agency (OEFA) and the Talara Municipal Environmental Management Department will be involved in the intervention.

It is noteworthy that tax file No. 207-2023, in charge of prosecutor Jhon Beiker Frías Albán, contains a complaint filed by neighbor Panta Urbina against the consortium of María Auxiliadora, composed of Constructora CAR EIRL and San Agustín EIRL. The general contractor, which also includes the Talara Provincial Municipality, serves as the executor of work on the improvement and expansion of drinking water and sewage services in the urbanization and some adjacent sectors.


On September 11, at the request of citizen José Guillermo Panta Urbina, Minsa Talara sent an inspection report and visual verification of particulate matter pollution, concluding that the emission of dust Can irritate the respiratory tract and may cause acute bronchitis after repeated exposure; irrigation with water is recommended.

Piura regional newspaper

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