The psychological trick bars, restaurants use to make you pay more

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In the summer of the same year, ticket one of Dining room A restaurant in Los Angeles surprised Twitter users by charging diners a surcharge. Some Spaniards also pay high prices for eating in Swiss restaurants.

The point is, in Spain, a lot of the time we don’t realize that we are pay more.According to The Huffington Post, this is due to institutions using various psychological skills They are almost imperceptible.

most common deception

A TikTok account @comerlavanguardia explained that the first trick of bars and restaurants is to make us overpay without knowing it, this is the rule prime number. The quantities of these servings correspond to prime numbers, so diners are never matched, making it necessary to ask for another serving.

“There were four of you and you asked for croquettes and three came,” the woman said.He noted, “You’ll never find the right part for your needs, because everything is calculated, so you have to ask for another“.

The restaurant’s second trick is to use Number 5. “Have you ever noticed that almost everything on the menu ends in 95 cents or 50 cents? That’s because it’s a staggering number and it makes consumers think about their quality. You will rarely find a €9.99 or €29.99 menu because it has the feel of a supermarket deal,” he noted.

The third trap is to place expensive dishes together give others cheaper. In this way, it gives the feeling that other prices are more affordable and you will pay for it without suffering your pocket.

“You see a T-bone steak for 49.90 euros or 50 euros, and they sell a chicken for 10 euros, and you think the chicken is very cheap and the T-bone steak is very expensive,” he said. However, Douyin concluded that this is the charm of the game, because 10 euros a chicken may not be cheap.

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