The Puerto Montt Health Department provided 781 vaccines in an unprecedented “door-to-door”

Increased number of flu immunizations. Likewise, it has stepped up measures to prevent outbreaks in the coming weeks.

The “Vaccinate at Home, Salud a tu Puerta!” campaign of the Municipal Health Department (DESAM) culminated in a total of 781 vaccinations with 25 teams covering the capital cities and villages of the region. Data from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on marathon days included 64 COVID-19 injections and 10 pneumonias.

DESAM authorities described the deployment as unprecedented and successful. At the same time, they highlighted the good reception of the residents by the health team.

Miguel Aravena, Director of DESAM, said: “We are very satisfied. A form was organized that allowed 781 immunizations to be given door-to-door within a few hours. Surprised,” emphasizes Aravena.

In line with Aravena, Sandra Miranda, project director of ASISTE (PA), explained that the intervention, characterized by the courtesy of the residents, was organized by La Vara, Población Modelo, 22 Well done by the 4 teams of de Mayo and Antonio.

“We were working door to door and it was very intense. People welcomed us warmly. Before that we were giving injections to 150 to 200 people a day with all our equipment. So the numbers improved”, concludes Miranda.

Does not affect working hours

Regarding the benefits that come with being close to public spaces, Paula Gómez, a neighbor of the model population, explained that it is very positive because it does not interfere with the working day. There is also no need to apply for a certain amount of time at the medical center for care, he continued.

“Because of our schedule, it’s difficult to get out and get vaccinated, and it’s difficult to ask for medical time beyond what’s authorized by the company. We’re very grateful for their presence,” Gomez said.

The city of Puerto Montt reported that, as of this week, the flu shot was targeted at 74% of older adults.

The Chilean Navy, Los Lagos Seremy Health Department, Municipal Public Security Bureau, San Sebastian University, and the Health Center and Rural Team participated in “Vaccine at Home, Health at Your Doorstep!”

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