“The Queen of Chess” Finally Became a Video Game

Netflix will release a chess game based on The Queen of Chess, a hugely successful miniseries that captured the attention of young and old on chessboards around the world in 2020.

In The Queen’s Gambit Chess, you can not only play chess, but also take on the role of the protagonist played by Anya Taylor-Joy, Beth Harmon, and compete against some of the most iconic characters from the miniseries!

The Queen’s Gambit Chase: The mobile video game comes to Netflix

At Netflix’s Tudom 2023 event, The streaming giant has announced the launch of The Queen’s Gambit Chess, a mobile video game based on one of the most talked about and loved titles of 2020: The Queen’s Gambit. The miniseries, based on the 1981 novel of the same name by Walter Tevis, follows the adventures of prodigious player Beth Harmon and her ascent to success: from games in the basement, Beth will challenge the best players in the world. Union Soviet.

Three years after the show, Netflix decides to capitalize on the success of the belated, red-haired queen A Chess-centric mobile video game based on the charismatic world of The Queen’s Gambit. In addition to the inevitable chess, the game promises to recreate some of the show’s most iconic encounters (and conflicts) and will, in addition, offer chess-based puzzles, chess lessons and above all, the inevitable online component.

What to Expect from The Queen’s Gambit Chess

The game will be available to all Netflix subscribers and due to the popularity of the show, it will likely attract a fair number of players. Trailer released by “Big N” shows Different modes, different cameras to play, multiple objectives and a large selection of chess sets To unlock, all are decorated with settings and characters from the beloved miniseries.

“Welcome to the world of Beth Harmon. Take lessons, play puzzles and games, or compete with friends in this gorgeous love letter to award-winning fiction. Apart from the chessboard, Players can meet familiar faces such as Mr. Shaibel and BorgovVisit iconic locations like Beth Home, Methuen Orphanage, Tournament Las Vegas and more. From beginners to chess masters, this immersive experience will appeal to every type of chess fan.”

Is Netflix’s future in video games?

Queen’s Gambit Chess It’s just one of many mobile games coming to the Red Platform’s massive catalog this summer.Oxenfree II: Lost Signal (also coming to Switch, PlayStation, and PC) will debut on July 12, followed by a new take on the classic puzzle game Cut the Rope on August 1. It is also listed as an “upcoming” action RPG Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed and a puzzle adventure titled Paper Trail.

Netflix games are playable and downloadable via links in the Netflix mobile app, but must be installed separately from the Netflix app on your device. You can download the game directly from the Apple and Google App Stores. In the Netflix app, scrolling down the initial tab, Apple users should see a row dedicated to mobile video games, while Android users will have a tab with all the different mobile games directly on them. Even tablet users should see a row dedicated to games or find them directly in the scrollable categories.

success of chess queen

If you’ve never seen the miniseries and you love chess, here’s some info that will make you want to watch it before the games start! chess queen Set between the 1950s and 1960s and follows the story of American Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy), prodigy player who, after a difficult past in an orphanage (and not only), enrolls in an international chess tournament, and thus begins to climb the heights of a world dominated by men. gives.

As already mentioned, the show debuted in 2020 and quickly became one of the most watched original titles on the Red platform: In the first 28 days alone, over 62 million households watched the series And, despite numerous requests from fans and winning an impressive 11 Emmy Awards, Chess Queen ended in one season with no further seasons planned. After all, that’s the beauty of a miniseries, don’t you agree?

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