‘The Queen & Slim’: Beyonce & Clyde | Culture


The image of ‘the Queen & Slim’. In the video, the progress of the film.

In one of his best-known images, the one in the video Training, Beyonce appeared on the ascent to the roof of a police car in a flooded New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. The piece is signed by the director, Melina, you da one,” was full of references to black culture, in the southern part of the United States of america, and the movement for Black Lives Matter. “You the one”, the debut now in the full-length movie Queen & Slim in the film, who is returning to the landscape, and the imagery of those bright, minutes to Queen Bey.

Address: Melina-You-The-One

Performed by: Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith.

The genre: road, movieThe United States, 2019

Length: 132 minutes

Written and produced by a well-known activist of the LGBTI people, and the ” Black Lives Matter, Lena Waithe, Queen & Slim turned you on to the one in the a new one relating to blaxploitation. His film is a stylish road, movie about a couple of escaped convicts, played by a brit, Daniel Kaluuya, and Jodie Turner-Smith. In the beginning of the movie, is powerful in every sense: a gathering of Tinder, which is precipitated in the direction of in a desperate escape, where a white policeman turns on a single charge of traffic at a point of no return in the lives of two black people. Inspired by real-world events, such as the one that, by 2015, over the life of Sandra’s Theme, in the film, it recovers the physics of the classics, such as Bonnie And Clyde here’s the two bad guys will also turn out to be a symbol against the establishment), or Thelma and Louise (banks of the same system as the secret territory of the discovery, and freedom.

The smell, the visual, and the music in you ” the one “, has become a Queen & Slim in a film with an aesthetic to be admired, with references ranging from the amount of Hype Williams and the feature film of 1998 Belly, for a treatment of color and light that is reminiscent of some of the work by Philiph-Or Di-Ciorcia, or a soundtrack that includes Lauryn Hill, Luther Voice or Fela Kuti. But in the movie it goes on and on unnecessarily for more than two hours, and the effort of the aesthetic (and ethical) are well above those of their script. There are some of the side characters (specifically, a couple of activists on the white end), and while Daniel Kaluuya, and, above all, what’s wrong with Turner-Smith could live up to this by flirting with the epic failures of the law, in the course of the internal is not.