the radiance of Elisabetta Gregoraci’s son

Nathan Falco, son of Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci, has grown up: he is now becoming a TikTok star. This is how it changed

Nathan Falco, son of Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci, increasingly publishes videos on TikTok. Those who have followed him since childhood and appeared in videos posted by his mother have noticed his incredible light. Before we see it, let’s get to know it better.

Nathan Falco Briatore born in 2010 (so he is 13 years old). She has a 19-year-old sister named Leni, a daughter born from the love of her father Flavio and the beautiful Heidi Klum. He currently attends the International School of Monaco, one of the most prestigious and expensive institutions in Europe (tuition costs range from 10 to 30 thousand euros per year); has already created a fashion line and since last year is officially entrepreneurconsidering he is the CEO of Billionaire Bears, a company dedicated to 3D bears integrated into the Metaverse.

The little boy doesn’t hide who he is very attached to his mother. It’s mutual. In this regard, in a long interview with the television program very trueElizabeth said about him: “You are life’s greatest gift, my unconditional love. You are my shoulder, my strength, my pride.”. However, on the occasion of his first day at school, she wrote to him: “Happy first day of school my love, good luck in the new school year. You are my pride, little big man“. Nathan says about her: “She’s a bit strict, for example, she’s at school and always checks my phone, even if I don’t let her check it and change my password.”

TikTok by Elisabetta Gregoraci

But let’s get to it shine: The changes in Nathan Falco are obvious as he matures and becomes a man. The features are still those of a teenager, but for many he looks more and more like his father Flavio. What do you think about it? You like it? Let us know about it in the comments.

TikTok by Nathan Falco

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