The rain ended with the show of John Mayer


The sudden storm of rain and gusts that hit last night in the city of Buenos Aires dropped the curtain on the impeccable, solid and flowery concert that he was sharing John Mayer at the Hippodrome of Palermo. There were eleven issues, only, the that could touch the u.s. along with his excellent band that accompanies him on his world tour “The Search for Everything World Tour”, until the strong gale said “enough”.

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While Mayer joined forces in a trio format, as he had already done back in 2005 and who repeated it to his will, with its compelling rhythm section -bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Steve Jordan in chapter 3 of the show-, a tempestuous wind and a heavy rain fell on the Capital Federal, which scared the public and even the same musicians. At that time, moved the screens, the speakers and from the stage flew any type of accessory that all show accurate. The people located in the sector VIP Fans, the reverse of what indicated in the manual, it started to move away from the stage to stay out of danger. And it happened the inevitable: after a few minutes, the producer, and even the same John Mayer from its official account of Instagram, suspended the recital.

John Mayer confirmed last night the suspension of his show.

John Mayer confirmed last night the suspension of his show.

(“Forgiveness, Buenos Aires. Please, go to their homes to be safe. I never saw a storm appear so fast. In ten seconds we went from perfect weather to a total chaos. I hope that you are all well. I am very annoyed because we were not able to finish the show for you”).

At an exact time of the show and before a crowd that caught the immediacy of the moment and not waited for anything that the weather was going to offer, Mayer, 40 years old just turned, gave, once more, samples of their technique and musicality. Backed by its breadth and stylistic, the u.s. started at 21.10 with their first few chords and share the groovera and dance Helpless to give an account that his recital was going to travel the same path. “Olé, olé, olé, olé, Mayer, Mayer”, all the Hippodrome of Palermo hailed his idol; and the idol answered them, touching the chords of the classic cantito argentine with his band.

Followed by another song included in his latest album, The Search of Everything: the harmonious and rhythmic Moving On and Getting Over. And while receiving the applause, Mayer spoke to its audience for the first time: “it Is very nice to see you again. Thanks to those who are for the first time and to those who came to the show a few years ago”.

John Mayer. (Photo: Diego Waldmann)

John Mayer. (Photo: Diego Waldmann)

Your list of issues continued with Who Says –disk Battle Studies (2009)- and his side melodic it is exposed to those present. “Thank you” (as pronounced in Spanish), said, just finished the song, grateful for the screams, by the delirium of their love and admiration of their followers.

Mayer continued on his way with Changingalso of their recent work record, and chapter 1 (Full band) the show closed with Why Georgiaof his first official album Room for Squares (2001).

The next chapter (chapter 2: Acoustic) bet on the side romantic and sensitive native of Connecticut: held the line of Room for Squares with Your Body Is A Wonderland and then opted for In Your Atmosphere.

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The eighth song to put a solo Mayer on the mat of the Hipódromo de Palermo was Neon, returning to the sound of your first stage. But in the preview, as usual, he demonstrated his virtuosity with penetrating enter flemish.

As a tide, the standing ovation moved toward the stage. And, with a video featuring its rhythmic base, it gave the start to the third chapter (Trio): Mayer-Palladino-Jordan gave free rein to his merging musical madness with Crossroads, of Battle Studies. “Olé, olé, olé, olé…”, they returned singing the disciples of Mayer. “When you’re on the other side or my house, I’m going to feel uncomfortable if I don’t hear the ‘Olé, Olé…’. Many thanks, you are very sweet to me,” replied the american to burst crying.

John Mayer. (Photo: Diego Waldmann)

John Mayer. (Photo: Diego Waldmann)

And the end finally came. In the best time of the recital, when the people could not stop moving your head and your feet, almost on the outcome of Vultures, the award-winning disk Continuum (2006), the storm ended the show.

It is in the imagination what was to come, almost another dozen songs (among which surely would include the success Gravity or Waiting On the World To Change or Slow Dancing in a Burning Room) that contain a myriad of influences and sounds that Mayer saves himself from small.

And although carry a backpack full of sounds of all kinds, this remarkable musician has demonstrated, once again, his decision to speak in his own language. Despite the fact that what he could do for only an hour.

However, as soon as he got to his hotel, Mayer wanted to continue her recital through a “live” of Instagram. However, he was not able to do because the Internet was not working in the best way.

John Mayer wanted to end the show from the hotel, through a

John Mayer wanted to end the show from the hotel, through a “live” on Instagram, but also could not: the Internet was not working properly.