The Rainbow Six and Jack Ryan spinoff starring Michael Peña has received an encouraging update from the producers.

A potential spin-off of the Jack Ryan television series centered around Rainbow Six and Michael Peña’s character Domingo “Ding” Chavez has received some encouragement from creator Alison Seeger. The Prime Video series, based in the fictional universe of Tom Clancy, introduced Chávez during the fourth season as an undercover agent who was part of Operation Pluto. Following Jack Ryan’s conclusion, viewers have expressed interest in seeing more of his character, but Peña revealed that there is still uncertainty surrounding the Ding Chavez spin-off.

During a recent interview with Collider, Seeger discussed the possibility of Peña and the other actors reprising their roles. When asked if this could happen, the producer shared, “We certainly hope so.” Seeger explained what Peña brought to the show and added that there are other stories to explore in the “Clanceverse”. You can read Seeger’s comments on Peña and a potential Jack Ryan spin-off below:

“We certainly hope so. I think it was a lot of fun for us to introduce Chavez in season four. There was even a moment when we were going to plant the seed at the end of Season 3, but narratively it was better to do so in Season 4. It was great to have Michael Peña. I think the beauty of the Jack Ryan, movies and series is that they obviously have near-death, pressurized missions, but there’s also humor and humanity. I think bringing Michael Peña in at this juncture brings out both elements, the horror of that character as well as the heart and humor behind it. It was really fun. We love having it, we love making it this season and I would say ‘we want it.’ As I said, there’s a lot in the Clancyverse, as we always say. We’d love to have the opportunity to keep talking about it.”

Because a Rainbow Six/Ding Chavez spin-off is in the works

Chávez has appeared in several Clancy novels, including The Sum of All Fears and Rainbow Six. The first reports of a Jack Ryan spin-off centering on Peña’s character surfaced in 2022, and theories suggest it could explore more of the anti-terrorist organization. As shown in the series, Chavez is still a part of Rainbow and has been on various missions around the world. Early in Season 4 he learns that his operation was being run by the Triad, telling Ryan that he believes he is helping people.

Even if Jack Ryan isn’t based on any specific book, a potential Rainbow Six spinoff makes sense, given the positive reception to Peña’s character. Since he already works for the organization, the show will likely focus on his journey instead of going back in time to when he joined the CIA. After Chavez ties up with Ryan, Mike November (Michael Kelly) and others, it may be possible to explore a live-action version of Rainbow with familiar faces returning.

Rainbow Six was previously adapted into a video game series, and Michael B. A film starring Jordan is also in the works. That said, it will be interesting to see which direction the potential spin-off goes. This latest update shows that the door is still open for further development of the characters introduced in Jack Ryan, especially Chavez.

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