The rapper 50 Cent, who was put in the November Oprah about the movement #MeToo: “the persecution of the men in black” – Monet.


50 Cent  / Oprah (Foto: Instagram)

50 Cent, Among Them The Emmy’s (Photo: Instagram)

In the next document on the movement #MeToo produced by media mogul Oprah Winfrey and is already generating controversy. According to the The NY Postthe actor and singer of hip-hop 50 Cent made scathing criticism of her on his Instagram on Thursday: “I do Not know why, among them the emmy’s are taking place the men in black,” along with a photo of the presenter Oprah Winfrey, and Russell Simmons, the latter accused of sexual harassment, in the year 2017. Simmons, a producer and composer, 62 years old, denied the allegations.

“Without Harvey Weinstein, without Epstein, only Michael Jackson, Russell Simmons, this shit is very sad,” he said in a 50 Cent. Oprah Winfrey show, and tna Impact Partners, have joined forces with directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, in order to make a documentary that aired in the year 2020, about sexual abuse in the music industry. The film brings us the testimony of Joe Montana, one of the many women who say that the Cowbell and the sexually abused.

In a separate post, on Instagram, on Thursday, in the 50 Cent, has shared a photo of one of the six women: Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Harvey Weinstein, elder Jeffrey Epstein, Kevin Spacey, and the President of Donald Trump. The first two have the word “CHAIN” written in the upper part of the face, while the “FREEDOM” above the others, all white.

“Do you think that Oprah does not realize that what is going on?”, he wrote to 50 Cents. Russell Simmons, also went to Instagram to share with his criticisms: “Sweetheart, among them the emmy’s, has been like a bright light, my family and my community,” he began. “That is very worrying because of what it chooses for me to note that in his latest documentary. Already admiti to be a playboy bunny (more correctly called the day of ‘the love duet”), and that puts me in the situations that are most committed of which almost all the men I’ve known… so much so that some of them could build or reinterpretation of a different memory of the same experience.”

In addition, it adds that it has gone from the “nine of the evidence of the lie detector, of the three hours”, and that “stories are lies”. “I am guilty of exploiting, the support and the of the soundtrack of a society with extremely unequal, but I’ve never been violent or abusei someone else,” he said.

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