The raw movie on Netflix that will make you see the dark limits of parents, not suitable for sensitive | TRAILER

More than a year has passed since the pandemic by Covid-19 arrived in Mexico, and since then, the way people had fun has changed due to the confinement social and the protocols that involve the distancing or even the prohibition of certain activities.

That is why the most of people agree that during the pandemic and the confinement after the health crisis, increased the amount of time they spent in front of the TV looking for the best content through platforms streaming.

In this sense, people they ask what you can see on the streaming giant, Netflix, where you can find a great variety of films of various themes and genres.

What to see on the streaming giant

Under this panorama in which people had to go through extensive confinements where fun without leaving home was one of the main searches, platforms like Netflix they have generated big bets.

Either to produce original content, or by purchasing the rights to play certain movies, the truth is that in any of the cases, Netflix makes investments millionaires with the aim of entertaining and providing the best productions to its users.

However, every day, the competition around the digital platforms that offer entertainment are on the rise, so now the giant of streaming of red logo makes the majors investments and brings a film that has ranked among the most viewed in Mexico, it is the film “Corre”.

What is this movie

Run, the new production Netflix suspense will generate empathy by stepping into the shoes of a woman who has decided to give herself completely to her daughter 17 years.

She is a lonely mother, and her daughter dreams of entering the University while suffering from a strong paralysis that has it in a disabling condition, as well as an asthmatic condition and diabetes, situations that have carried to live practically locked in her home.

Aneesh Chaganty, is the director and screenwriter of this film, who has decided to leave several clues to the viewer of what is going to happen, thus generating a psychological terror to people; us shows easily what is the secret and personality of this mother particular.

A stark story about motherhood

In this sense, her disabled daughter, already locked up for several years, begins to suspect the great secrets her mother keeps, which prevent her from achieving her objective and dream of freedom.

This film stars Sarah Paulson, who has participated in series and films such as American Horror Story, Ratched, Carol and 12 Years a Slave, where she is shown in a character very maternal, with overloads of evil, where all her energy goes to the excess of caring for the being she loves the most: her daughter.

Here is the trailer for this movie so you can enjoy it this Thursday:


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