The reaction of Yanina Latorre after the threat of Horacio Pagani: “What a dangerous man”

A strong controversial crusade was armed between Yanina Tower, who called the panel of Blessed (The Nine, at 20.30) and Horacio Pagani, who picked up the glove and answered the panelist with everything.

“Pagani is the most mediocre of them all. The nonsense and jokes that I have heard him say about my husband are to cry “, Diego Latorre’s wife had said last Wednesday in Morning angels (El Trece, at 11).

And he told the origin of his anger with the journalist: “I do not forget, I am the most vindictive thing on earth. He was going to eat with us and then he hears him laugh at Diego. I have them to the videos ”.

The strong cross between Horacio Pagani and Yanina Latorre.

The strong cross between Horacio Pagani and Yanina Latorre.

The reply was not going to be long in coming. And more than a reply, Pagani’s reply quickly turned into a tsunami.

“Listen to me, Mrs. Latorre, why don’t you use your own last name? Do youMediocre am i? And what are you talking about the lives of others? If you live on that … That is having hierarchy, talking about people’s lives? Stop fucking around, baby, ”Pagani started saying in Blessed, cycle of Beto Casella.

But he continued his discharge: “Who is he to disrespect me? I have a good relationship with the husband, because the husband is good people. Where the hell does this woman call me mediocre? You are mediocre. Don’t mess with me because you’re going to end badly, girl”.

With Horacio’s strong response at the table, this Thursday Yanina reacted in THE M and recounted his feelings after learning of his sayings.

What a dangerous lord, at no time did I threaten him. I consider you to be mediocre, I will work as a rabble, you work as a rabble in a program because it is clear that the sports journalists are not hiring you. Everything you just said is all a lie, I mean it seriously … “, he replied, true to form.

And then he justified his position, remembering that the journalist did not have a good attitude with her husband when he had the sexual scandal with Natacha Jaitt: “My hatred and resentment towards you Pagani is that at the time of what happened to Diego, no you sympathized with him, having been a partner you laughed and made jokes laughing at Diego. I didn’t threaten you, I didn’t tell you anything ”.

Then, the panelist redoubled the bet: “Now you threatened me, I think I’m going to call my lawyer, You spoke of hatred, you insulted because you see that I touched you something with the mediocre thing, I never threatened you. Everything I say is true … I do not consume you, you suck an egg from me. Shut your mouth, Pagani, and if you want to continue threatening me, now I’m going to go to court ”.

Beto Casella banked Yanina Latorre

After seeing the report they passed in Blessed, Yanina highlighted the attitude that Beto Casella, driver of the cycle, had, with whom he does not have a good bond but whom he respects as a professional: “Beto did not like the reaction very much, but the man was strong. He got violent. It shows you what Pagani is. I didn’t threaten him because I don’t know anything about Pagani’s life. I’ll be a rabble but he comments on what happens in the gossip programs … “.

“Does it seem mediocre to you as a Pagani journalist? Ángel de Brito asked.” No, I don’t consume it. I do not know. It seems mediocre to me that he is a man who believes that he has them clear. For two minutes of television he laughs at his colleagues, “he said.

And with Beto Casella, everything okay? Asked Pía Shaw, taking advantage of the opportunity. “Everyone sucks an egg from me. I understand that Beto, even though he hates me, is a fair guy. He can say something good or something bad but he is a good co-worker, “replied Yanina.


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