The Real Life Behind Tolkien, the Creator of the Fantastic World of Lord of the Rings

talking about it would be an understatement Tolkien Although he is the creator of the greatest fantasy world in contemporary literature, he is only as a novelist. Before becoming a novelist, he was a linguist, linguist, poet and avid literature lover. Medieval world. Thus, the reality he lives in matches the story he creates. lord of the rings, Hobbit anyone The Silmarillion.

50 years ago, on September 2, 1973, the author of “Middle-earth” died of pneumonia at the age of 81 He contracted the disease while undergoing treatment for a stomach ulcer. His literary and personal legacy greatly increased after his death, and his novels continue to be translated and read all over the world, era He considers him the sixth best writer in England’s history.

john ronald lull tolkien He was born on January 3, 1892 into a wealthy family in Bloemfontein (South Africa), where his father, Arthur Tolkien, worked in the diamond and gemstone market, which he later sold to the Bank of England. Mabel, his mother educated john and his brother hilaryand teach them reading, writing and basic Latin.

Life is comfortable, but Mabel can’t stand the African climate and decides to take the children to England.A year later came the news that her husband died of a fever The family quickly depleted their income. They had no choice but to move to Birmingham, where they were welcomed by their natal family. Soon after, they moved to Sarehole, a more rural area full of natural beauty, which John recorded in his mind: Years later, he used it to imagine Hobbiton and other scenes in the novel. An avid reader from an early age, he spent his days reading fairy tales and medieval legends edited by Andrew Lang, and, as he admits, some texts left his mark for life.

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His life once again encountered new setbacks.Matrilineal families disown their mothers because they Convert to Catholicism, so they once again fell into economic difficulties. Although the biggest blow to both brothers was the death of their mother from diabetes in 1904. According to Mabel’s last wish, John and Hillary in the care of Father Francis Xavier MorganHe is a Hispanic Anglo-Catholic priest who belongs to the Chapel of St Philip Neri, Birmingham.

The priest hoped that the brothers would concentrate on their studies He forbade the young Tolkien to have anything to do with Edith Marie Bratt at the age of 21. A young woman he fell in love with when he was 16. John continued his training at King Edward’s School, where he demonstrated prodigious language skills.Throughout his life Learned more than seven languages: Old English, Old English, Latin, Greek, Welsh, Finnish, Gothic, Icelandic, Norwegian and German. While at school, he also made a group of friends that he was very proud of, as they all shared the joy of reading.

King Edward’s School Birmingham

In 1911 they created an intellectual club called the Tea Club and Barovia Association (TCBC), who would meet in local Barrows for tea and debate. After completing his studies, he managed to get into Oxford University to study English Literature, although later switching to Classical Languages ​​and Linguistics. He was also accepted by one of Oxford’s most prestigious colleges, Exeter College. John’s tenacity and patience paid off. In 1916, just after he turned 21, he wrote a wedding letter to his long-lost beloved Mary Brat. Mary was about to marry another man, but when she read Tolkien’s letter, she left him without a second thought. Mary and John were married in Warwick on 22 March 1916, Although they could not enjoy it, because in the same year the linguist was drafted into the army.

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tolkien attended world war one Second Lieutenant, Lancastershire Rifle Battalion, was sent to the French trenches, where he was one of the lucky ones to survive Battle of the Somme. He watched as all his TCBC friends died, enlisted, got trench fever, and got discharged.

This experience marked his life and his literature, as during his illness he began to write The Silmarillion. After the war, his passion for the medieval world and legends became his vocation. He taught English at Leeds University and returned to Oxford in 1925 to teach Anglo-Saxon at Pembroke College, where he began writing. Hobbit. He was also a professor of Old Norse at the same university. As a university researcher, he focused on the translation of Anglo-Saxon poetry and romance into modern English. When he wasn’t teaching or marking exams, he used his book to read Old Norse. Coalbitters, a new intellectual group he formed himself With the thought of spending time reading Viking texts.

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From then on, he will dedicate everything he has learned to create that universe lord of the rings, starting with the creation of a new language he invented, with settings inspired by the English countryside, Swiss mountains and medieval legends. However, it was not published until 1954. lord of the ringsThis work made him a star of fantasy literature and got him published The Silmarillion Posthumously presented by his son in 1977.

In 1959, his literary success allowed him to retire to live a quiet life with his wife in the town of Bournemouth.Many would like to see reflections of 20th century conflicts in his work, but Tolkien has said that he wanted to reflect the conflicts of all ages, This statement may be part of his success.

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