“The real Ronaldo jug in Inter and in Barcelona…”


Massimo Moratti, former president of the Inter of Milan will mand a message to Cristiano Ronaldo. A few months ago, in an interview with the daily newspaper Sport in Barcelona, and the manager assured him that there is only one Ronaldo.

“Not if it was the best signing in the history, but surely it was in my largusima little as president. We talk about the Fenmeno, a signing star, of a crack with the ball haca things that human beings can’t even imagine. Today we can say with pride that in the Inter and Barca jug the real Ronaldo”, ensuring Moratti.

To close, record how was the signing of the Fenmeno: “it was Not terribly difficult, I am telling the truth. There was a clusula and I pagu, though no one perhaps expected that a champion as l could get to the Inter. There were many negotiations with the Bara and with the president to Nez, we invest what was invested and the same player to us help us a lot in fulfilling this dream. Ronaldo was fantstico”.

What is certain is that Ronaldo marc a little in the Inter Milan and until now they remember it.