The reason for CR7’s anger and his claimed wealth

cristiano ronaldo decided by his lawyer Taking Juventus to court This is a product of some irregularities that occurred during his time at the Italian club many years ago.find out What is the reason and wealth he is asking for from the institution?

The news was released by authoritative media Gazzetta dello Sport, which announced the Portuguese star’s intentions. According to them, CR7 hopes to recoup some of the money it is owed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All this will be in Salary concept, approximately 20 million euros. At that point, he would agree to defer some payments so the agency could get through this complicated moment in the world, though he never actually finished delivering on the payments he promised.

Now I am at Nasser Italian media insist the Portuguese, who is part of the Arab League, intends to put him on trial with the club where he has played for three seasons.

Ronaldo faces legal issues at Juventus.

Filippo Rubin/AP

In return, the club stated 38 year old scorer He signed a document at the time giving up part of his salary, so he shouldn’t be paid anything at all.

Notably, Juventus acquired the Fine 718,240 euros It is for this reason that football players are owed wages.and they also received Penalty of 10 points In local leagues, players’ movements were subject to accounting fraud.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s last great move

The Portuguese striker is still on fire for the Arab League side, usually showing off some unique moves every time he takes the field. But this time, his actions went beyond the realm and surprised everyone.

Although he gets angry easily when things don’t go as expected and the results are negative, he does have very emotional reactions with fans throughout his career Dispelling the “insensitive” image that many have viewed him as over the years.

One example is what he did recently, by adjusting his CR7 Hotel Petana Morocco. A few days before the tragedy, the Portuguese striker fulfilled his dream and met a blind girl with whom he took photos, signed some articles and hung out after a match with Al Nasr in the Saudi Arabian League.

Cristiano Ronaldo surprises young fans

“I love you even though I can’t see you. “I can’t believe you’re here. “”, this is what the girl said to Cristiano Ronaldo, who at first seemed incredulous and could not give an answer, but then thanked the minor for his emotional message.

To provide more context, the meeting took place on 25 August after the Al Nassr and Al Fateh match. That day, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player scored a hat-trick. “You gave me luck”the Portuguese told him before taking a photo with his little admirer.

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