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Two couples who have always been very close would finally end their friendship: details

new earthquake seems to have stunned the former royal couple, educated Harry AND Megan. Dukes of Sussex indeed closed relationship with old friends Victoria AND David Beckhams. According to The Sun, it seems that the friendship that linked the couple has come to an end. Ending station without the possibility of a return.

Charges of the Dukes of Sussex

But what exactly happened? Friendship was first born between Megan AND Victoria with the former Spice Girl, who has always supported the Duchess, especially during the most difficult periods, but according to an English newspaper report, it was Beck cut neatly after Harry has them accused feed some media confidential information about the royal family.

Harry vs David

Moreover, parting would be ripe for another reason, going back to one complaint what Harry himself did to the Sun by accusing the paper of intercepted his phone theft of private information. Given the lack of evidence, the Duke of Sussex even in this case pointed the finger at David and Victoria that, in his opinion, they would have reported this information to the press. The accusation that infuriated the former United star, who then decided, along with his wife, to cut off any relationship with the former royals.

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