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The reason Scott Disick doesn’t follow any of his exes (except the love of his life)

So far, Kourtney continues with plans to share parental rights with her ex and thus divide the tasks and obligations of the three children they have in common: Mason, Penelope and Regin. According to the source, Kourtney He hopes that his family does not get involved in the decision and remains on the sidelines to do things well and that the children do not suffer more.

Why is Scott Disick still following Kourtney on social media?

According to experts, when you end a relationship, having your ex see the stories or photos can mean a number of things or, conversely, mean nothing. Sometimes your ex follows you on the internet. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you still have hope of coming back, two of the most popular reasons are because you were bored or just out of curiosity. The truth, who has not felt that curiosity?

According to information analyzed by experts, reviewing other profiles can be the salvation of boredom, but they explain that there is a difference between your ex casually viewing your posts, and seeing everything you upload throughout the day. Frequency is the line that separates curiosity from a hopeful love, because if your ex still sees what you post, chances are he’s keeping an eye on everything you do. It is the case of Scott disickYou may want to keep an eye on the mother of your children and follow through to make sure she is okay.

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