The reason why his eldest son can play for the US national team

Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing to face a new qualifier in what could be his sixth qualifier European Cup While the 38-year-old still appears to be maintaining the record-breaking highs he has always been, the time has finally come for him to bid farewell to the pitch.

It is clear, portugal national team this is a before and after CR7but the Lusitano family can rest assured that after the Commander’s retirement, he seems to have his eldest son in his place, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Who knows whether he has inherited his father’s leadership skills as well as physical and technical qualities.

But when that happens, Portugal must make sure little christian.Wear the European jersey and not be snatched by European representatives USAwhich is a real possibility given the origin of the eldest son.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Cristiano Jr.


Despite the fact that the birth mother’s origin Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Kept in absolute secrecy, one of the few known things is that CR7’s son was born in California, USA, the product of a speculative meeting between his father and an American waitress in 2010.

Against this background, American team “.

Cristiano Jr. is 12 years old and spent time in the football club’s training squad. Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United Thanks to his dad, who now accompanies him to play in Saudi Arabia Mahed College.

Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo

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The Case of George Weah’s Son

Cases relatively similar to this Cristiano Ronaldo yes son george weahmilan legend liberia national team In 1995 won the Golden Globe Award, the current president of the country.

However, his son Tim Weah He was born in New York and spent most of his childhood in the country before deciding to represent the United States national team. The 23-year-old full-back has represented the United States at the 2022 World Cup and holds French nationality, but not Liberia.

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