The reason why Lionel Richi he wished his daughter Sofia’s ‘many failures’ | News


At 21 years Sofia Richie has managed to make a name for himself in modeling and working on campaigns for renowned designers. However, for some time it was considered only as the youngest daughter of the renowned singer Lionel Richie. Although many might think that this family relationship would be only an advantage for the young, it is true that it is not so, and it was the same artist who did you see to make the time. In a recent event of American Idol, the interpreter told the media what she said to Sofia when she confessed that she wanted to dabble in the entertainment industry. “I said: ‘I wish You many failures’”recalled the singer. And it’s not that you said this with bad intention, but wanted to be honest in terms of the expectations that the public would have of her for the fact of having him as a father. “We’re in a business where the secret is in how you recover after you fail, so you have to go out to suffer a couple of blows. I said, ‘you’re Going to have it a little more difficult because you are my daughter, and people are going to expect it more than what they expect from the rest’”, he explained. The singer of 70 years, remembered even history Nicolesister of Sofia, when the girl participated in a contest. “My daughter was on the point of leaving the stage to do his act, and suddenly, the presenter, the calls saying, ‘and now, the daughter of Lionel Richie!’, in that instant it became freezing cold and I said: ‘Dad, I don’t want to be here’”, told. With his long career as a backup, Lionel is convinced that it is the responsibility of each one to decide the path to take in and work for him. “I still remember the look of my parents when I told them: ‘We are The Commodores and we’re going to bring to the world ahead’, especially because it is the same eye with which I see my kids when I try to explain all the ideas that they have for their future. I attempt to grab that before I get completely crazy”, featured last April in an interview with People, referring to the band that he founded more than 40 years ago.