The reasons why Pulga Rodríguez played just six months in Gymnastics and returned to Colón

The output of Luis Rodriguez took by surprise several members of the staff of Gymnastics, to which he had arrived as a great promise despite his extensive career in football. When? Just six months ago. The Flea’s stay in La Plata was short. This Monday he will join Colón, while many continue to wonder what happened in the Wolf For such a quick goodbye Several factors converged for the disengagement.

One of them was the affective value between Rodríguez, who turned 37 years old on January 1, and Colon. In fact, whenever he could, the attacker visited his former teammates in Santa Fe and, in fact, was honored by the Sabalero club along with the other champions (they won the League Cup 2021, the institution’s first title). Although one of the main reasons for the separation was sports: Colón will play the Copa Libertadores and Gimnasia was left out of the international competition in the last days of the championship. In the last recess, the Flea bet on a notorious economic improvement in his pass to Lobo, but in this he concentrated on the challenge on the field.

El Pulga Rodríguez returns to a place where he was happy: Colón
El Pulga Rodríguez returns to a place where he was happy: ColónFotobaires

It also prompted, of course, that Nestor Gorosito has not given him the place of consideration that Rodríguez was looking for. The tucuman had his glory match right in the classic against Estudiantes, in which everything happened to him: he missed a penalty and scored three goals. That task, in any case, was not enough for Pipo to consider him essential in the team building after the 4-4 against Pincha.

What’s more, the club was already talking about a cold relationship between Gorosito and Rodríguez. The coach did not see him well physically and that motivated the continuous changes during the games and some appearances on the substitutes’ bench. Anyway, as he did not have a footballer with similar conditions to those of the Pulga, he included him in almost all the games.

From Silver He retires with 22 games played and nine goals. In the last hours he said goodbye to his teammates and today he will sign the termination of the contract. Relationships with people had ups and downs. He went from effervescence upon arrival to a certain indifference when the game was not so prominent. But the treatment was always cordial.

The negotiation

In Santa Fe everything was very quick to agree. There was a decisive meeting between the player’s representative, Roberto San Juan, and the president of Colon, Jose Vignatti, to unlock the departure of Rodríguez de Gimnasia, who thus also frees himself from an important contract. The oral agreement was sealed once they agreed on compensation for the Wolf. In principle, the exit clause was $ 500,000. But, as it became known, the red-black club will pay around US $ 400,000.

Rodríguez needs to feel comfortable and loved. He already showed it in Atlético Tucumán, in which he also found one of his best versions and had two stages. As in Colón. Few remember, at this point, the brief stint at Newell’s, in the 2010/11 season, in which he failed to earn a spot. Immediately, then, he took refuge again in the Tucuman club, which was always attentive to shelter him, even when he left Colón.

El Pulga Rodríguez with the Atlético Tucumán shirt, his other sports house
El Pulga Rodríguez with the Atlético Tucumán shirt, his other sports houseFotoBAIRES

Flea Rodriguez He will have another challenge in his second cycle at the Santa Fe club: confirm all his background and focus on the triple competition, the Copa Libertadores, the Professional League and the Argentine Cup. Colón, precisely, promised to put together a competitive team after the arrival of Julio César Falcioni as coach, who has already spoken by phone with Rodríguez. Gone is Gymnastics and that promise that I had once made to Diego Maradona to put on the tri-fold shirt. Although it lasted much less time than expected, it did.

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