The record of Hugo Sanchez and Cristiano took 20 years to break VIDEO


The mexican soccer cannot be understood without Hugo Sanchez. A goal scorer of that era in Pumas he began his brilliant ride to after migrating to the Atletico Madrid and there to come to the club that made him immortal, the Real Madridwith a tremendous background that he left five Pichichis in LaLiga.

Fourth leading scorer in the history of Spanish football with 234 notes, only behind Lionel Messi (438), Cristiano Ronaldo (311) and Telmo Zarra (252), the Penta imposed a record in their glorious years dress white it took over 20 years to break and it had to be another legend of Madrid: CR7.

What was the record of goals from Hugo Sanchez?

In the 1989-90 Season, the mexican striker he scored 38 times, a mark that was surpassed until the 2010-11 Season when Christian managed to score 40. Although the great merit of Sánchez Márquez is that all those many were at first touch, something that no other footballer has been able to make.

After 40 of Ronaldo, Lionel Messi managed to 46 in the 2012-13 Season, but the Portuguese took the record by making 48 annotations two campaigns later. Luis Suarez also came to the 40 in 2015-16.

Pumas Atletico Madrid

The history of Hugo Sanchez it is the aspiration of any mexican player that seeks to be champion of the League before emigrating to Europe to play in one of the championships greatest. The Penta, as he is nicknamed by his five Pichichis, he played 12 seasons in LaLiga spread between Atletico de Madrid (4), Real Madrid (7) and Rayo Vallecano (1).

Thanks to their contribution scorer reached the legendary Alfredo Di Stefano as the only ones that had won four Pichichis in a row. To have a brand perfect he had to make more than 27 goals in the 1988-89 Season.

With Atleti won their first trophy of goleo in the Season 1984-85, then added three in a row, with the Madrid (86 to 88) and finally the 90.

How you divided your goals

Of the 234 goals that won Hugo Sanchez in LaLigawith the Real Madrid scored 164 in 207 games, according to the statistics you Choose. With the Atletico Madrid were 54 many in 111 duels. While in his last season in Spain celebrated 16 goals with Rayo Vallecano in 29 matches.

Thanks to those 164 goals became the fifth scorer in the history of the Madridbehind Cristiano Ronaldo, Raúl González, Di Stéfano and Santillana.