The records to listen to in April 2023

The Courage of Children Act II


April 7th

The first act of Courage of children established Geolier as one of the hottest rappers in the country. Just three months later, the rapper returns with the second volume of this epic set in the streets of Naples, a Saviano-esque tale in the childhood of neighborhood children narrated by a boy who, as he told us, was not a child never.

Hotel souvenirs


April 7th

Preceded by Change your mind, Life up to here And Joy of passing timeDente’s first album since 2020 hosts Post Nebbia, Selton and in The world with eyesdescribed as «a sarcastic response to the orgy of featuring from the trap world», Fulminacci, Giorgio Poi, Colapesce, VV, Ditonellapiaga and Dimartino.

Nitro has always been and has always defined itself as an outsider of the Italian music market. Now to reiterate it, he has made us not only a song, but an entire album to which an exhibition in Milan is connected in which 14 artists who make digital art interpret the songs.

With a Hammer


April 7th

It’s been six years since Yaeji conquered dancefloors around the world with Raingurl, lo-fi house for fine palates. In between an album, What We Drew, and a host of luxe collabs (Charli XCX) and remixes (Dua Lipa). Written between New York, Seoul and London, with With a Hammer the producer wants to keep destroying the rules and boundaries of her world.

Stereo Mind Game


April 7th

Stereo Mind Game is the band’s third unreleased album in ten years (excluding the soundtrack for the video game Life Is Strange: Before the Storm), the first in seven years. Twelve songs that talk about connection and disconnection based on an idea: «Do not have an absolute thought».

Sremm 4 Life

Rae Sremmund

April 7th

The Mississippi duo made up of the Brown brothers, after a tour with Post Malone, arrives at their fourth studio album. With 35 platinum records on his shoulders and sensational numbers on general distributors, Sremm 4 Life it could be the disc of world consecration. It will be an important year for the so-called «black Beatles».


Thomas Bangalter

April 7th

Mythologies it is the first release by any member of Daft Punk after the duo’s breakup. The album is a 23-part work composed by Thomas Bangalter and performed by the Orchester National Bordeaux Aquitaine for Mythologies, a ballet created by French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj. “I liked the idea of ​​writing music that wasn’t amplified and didn’t need to be electrified,” the artist said.

On the romance of being

Desire Tide

April 7th

Sex, spirituality, healing. And a great voice. Desire Marea is South African and trained as a spiritual healer. “In my work, ancient chants and drumbeats are used to invoke the spirits that live within me, so that I enter a trance state. In my work as a musician, I heal people using music. It’s a different type of medicine, but in which I often have to channel different spirits, different truths and the essence of light».

Plastic Eternity


April 7th

Recorded in nine days and produced by Johnny Sangster, judging by Almost Everything, Move Under And Little Dogs is new proof of Mudhoney’s unwavering faith in the immutability of rock ‘n’ roll.

After abandoning the tour supporting Arcade Fire last fall due to the allegations of sexual assault made by some women against Win Butler, Feist has released four songs that anticipate his long-awaited work demonstrating, once again, a unique ability to write songs. It is the result of home sessions, but not solitary: «We recorded it in a large house in a small town, Ukiah, on a mountain in northern California. We lived together, cooked together and took morning swims, there was always someone preparing a sandwich or opening a bottle of wine».

72 Seasons


April 14th

They no longer have the pieces, nor the enthusiasm they once had, but in 72 Seasons Metallica find a way to evoke the past (even in the lyrics) while remaining faithful to their philosophy: massive riffs full of groove, songs with a complex structure. Here the review.


Fire! Orchestra

April 14th

It is billed as a monumental double, played by the Fire! Mats Gustaffson’s orchestra in an enlarged version of 43 pieces. Free avant jazz. At this link a taste.

Keep Your Courage

Natalie Merchant

April 14th

The 10,000 Maniacs singer (you remember them, right?) is back with an album of unreleased songs after nine years. Merchant describes it as “a song cycle about the journey of a brave heart” written in a period of great uncertainty, personal and collective. The first two pieces are Come On, Aphrodite And Tower of Babel.

“This record was supposed to be unashamedly rock’n’roll, a little blues, full of living elements, with soul and America in all its forms”, Baustelle told us a few weeks ago. «We worked with a team of new musicians, the idea was to jam and organize writing sessions».

He expires

Daniela Pes

April 14th

A jazz formation behind them, the production of Iosonouncane (who will release an album with Paolo Angeli in June), an international and timeless sound: it will be a nice surprise. The first excerpt is Carme.

Motel Chronicles

Emidio Clementi and Corrado Nuccini

April 14th

Sam Shepard’s America and his stories translated and adapted by Emidio Clementi and Corrado Nuccini in their third musical-literary project. They told us about it in this interview: «Looking at our cover image, one can wonder if it is Brisighella or the deep Midwest. It’s about seeing the space around us in a different way and that’s why Shepard is exotic, but he has a look that kind of belongs to us.”

In love


April 14th

The second album is said to be always the hardest, but Blanco is approaching it with a tailwind. Filed the rosagate in Sanremo, the artist from Brescia has announced In love with a twist: the disc will contain A bit of joy, song in collaboration with Mina. Stadium concerts will also arrive in the summer.

Thirteen urgent songs

Vinicio Capossela

April 21st

«They are songs written, produced and recorded over the last year, in this time of doubt and distance, of the end of the world served at the rhythm of an alarm a day, starting from last February 24, when awareness that the time to postpone urgent matters is not unlimited and claims our full belonging to the present”, said Capossela of Thirteen urgent songs. «It’s a musically polymorphous record, which alternates between different forms, from sixteenth-century madness to 90s reggae and dub. There are ballads, waltzes, jives and even a cha cha cha».

I love you like crazy


April 21st

Not much is known about Mina’s new album, except that it will contain the duet with Blanco A bit of joy and a piece contained in the next film by Ferzan Özpetek.

Christs and devils


April 21st

What happens when seven friends start making music together? After years in which the Roman collective Lovegang126 was divided between featuring and mutual collaborations, here is finally the first album all together. Franco126, Ketama126, Pretty Solero, Drone126, Asp126, Ugo Borghetti and Nino Brown therefore come together for an album that aims straight at rap alone, the purest and most old school one.


Everything but the Girl

April 21st

Twenty-four years, almost a quarter of a century is the time it took to finally have a following of Temperamental, the latest album by the English duo. Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt picked up where they left off: soft electronics supporting dense, emotional vocals. How to never get old.

Atum Act III

The Smashing Pumpkins

April 21st

After three publications in three months, the rock opera signed by the Smashing Pumpkins comes to an end, the ideal sequel to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness And Machina/The Machines of God. A total of 33 songs that will be brought together in a single release.


Jethro Tull

April 21st

“I used to wait for ideas to come,” Ian Anderson told us about the process that led to the creation of RökFlöte, «today I treat it as a real job. It’s a challenge: I get up in the morning and start working as if I were in the office. I used to wait, now it’s an active process.” The result? For now there are three pieces: Ginnungagap, Hammer on Hammer, The Navigators.

First Two Pages of Frankenstein

The National

April 28th

Ninth album for Matt Berninger’s band. This time three really important guests have been enlisted for the occasion: Taylor Swift, Sufjan Stevens and Phoebe Bridgers (on two tracks). Three songs (but no featurings) were released, including New Order T-Shirtaccompanied by the sale of a t-shirt in collaboration with New Order.

Pieces of treasure

Rickie Lee Jones

April 28th

Produced by Russ Titelman, it is dedicated to the American songbook. «It tells the human being, the vision of survival, growing old, loving relentlessly and loving anything. We love till our dying day, we love our lives, our families and ultimately ourselves,” said Rickie Lee Jones. For Titelman, “her voice always sounds a little younger than it should (it could be her ability to inhabit the character she plays, so masterfully that you believe every word), but in this recording the mature voice sounds even better than his stamp from years ago. He has a resonance and warmth in the low register that wasn’t there before.’

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