The Red was orphaned of goals and goes for Gigliotti

Independiente was orphaned of goals after the departure of Silvio Romero. Chino carried in his suitcase the 51 goals he scored in the 131 games he played for the institution since he arrived at the beginning of 2018. And last year he was an essential piece for the team: he scored 19 in 45 games and scored 10 of the 29 of the Red in the last Professional League. His statistics were as important as the crater he left in the area after his departure to Brazil to continue his career in Fortaleza.

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Avellaneda’s team is very weakened by the departure of their captain. And that is why the leaders want to accelerate to incorporate a center forward and bring some peace of mind to Eduardo Domínguez, who had the intention of playing with two points and today does not have important variants in that vital role. The main target to replace Chino is an old acquaintance: Emmanuel Gigliotti, who won the Copa Sudamericana in 2017 and the Suruga the following year.

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The Puma was released from the Lion of Mexico and had already had some talks with Daniel Montenegro. “He asked us for a very high salary,” said manager Héctor Maldonado. Although he was sounded out by Ceará, the striker still does not have concrete offers and in Avellaneda they hope that this will make him lower his claims. Another one of interest is Martin Cauteruccio, 34 years old, who has one season left on his contract at Aldosivi.

Cauteruccio still has a year on his contract at Aldosivi.

Cauteruccio still has a year on his contract at Aldosivi.

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The variants that exist in the campus

What variants does the technician have today? The youth David Sayago and Julián Romero, who barely played two and three minutes in the First Division. And in Reserve there are also Mauro Molina (three goals in Temperley) and Nicolás Messiniti, who never put it in the Red. The last two had been lowered to Reserve, but could rejoin the main squad before Romero’s departure.

Of the four, none converted official goals in Independiente, which in this break was also left without Jonathan Herrera, whose loan ended and he went to the Board of Trustees. Independiente, who must immediately lift five inhibitions to incorporate for $1,150,000 plus interest, is looking for goals.

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