The reference to ‘Ant-Man’ in ‘Hawkeye’ that you sure missed

Hawk Eye is working as a tribute series to the trajectory of Clint Barton within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These miniseries, including WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki, function as parallel stories to explore different scenarios or deal with aspects that within the films did not have space. But the tone of Hawk Eye (Hakweye) has a slightly more integrating factor in relation to the tradition of the character within the film saga. The most recent nod to Ant-Man in episode three of the series is justified from that perspective.

After an extensive chase, Clint Barton is forced to use one of his special arrows. The one chosen for that moment is one signed with PYM, in reference to Dr. Henry Pym. A few films ago in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Henry explained to Scott Lang that the capsules he developed had two functions. Red ones were used to shrink things while blue ones, like Barton’s arrow, could make things bigger. This reference is no coincidence in relation to Hawk Eye.

Through various productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hawkeye and Ant-Man cultivated a relationship of friendship and close collaboration. Perhaps the most obvious episode was in Captain America: Civil War, when Clint Barton shot Scott Lang on one of his arrows. Jeremy Renner, during a meeting with Marvel, did not let these details escape and referred to the relationship and the wink in Hawk Eye.

Hawk Eye is the new Marvel series that you can only see on Disney +

Premiere: November 24

Clint Barton and the reference to Ant-Man in ‘Hawk Eye

Given that background, Jeremy Renner did not omit the value of that relationship between the characters during his encounter with Marvel. On the contrary, he referred to it in a celebratory way. To the company’s portal he commented:

If he’s going to have (Hawkeye) a special pointed arrow, it should be a Pym arrow because of the relationship with Ant-Man. Wearing it was such a great thing! Now we feel more like Avengers. ”

Although on screen the reference was obvious and the result satisfactory, Jeremy Renner was not aware of it until recently. In the space mentioned he commented:

“You really don’t know what is happening all the time when you are filming it. When you look at it, maybe as a preview, you think, “Wait what? Will that be in the visual effects? ” And yes, that (the nod to Ant-Man) was something that got me really excited“.

Jeremy Renner also had comments about his relationship with Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld. During the most recent chapter of Hawk Eye, the link between the two explored areas that were previously untouched. Reviewing what happened, the actor commented:

“Another interesting part of that car chase sequence is that they are communicating, but no. One person cannot hear anything and (the other) talks a lot. And yeah, there are some fun parts to the characters, like when she (Kate Bishop) is trying to grab some arrows that she really isn’t worth shooting. “

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