The reflection feminist Jameela Jamil in which he defended Taylor Swift and the women who raise their voice


Jameela Jamil wanted to share with his nearly 3 million followers a reflection against the campaign of discredit that look to the women who dare to raise voice. Those women who are on the front line of the public sphere and who are not afraid to say what they think.

“The discredit is the new death. When a woman rises and speaks, it is taken out of context, binge-overexposed, his tone is exaggerated by the media to seem hysterical and violent, his integrity is questioned and the society tries to malign her in silence. All the time,” has written on his Twitter account.

It is the case of your friend Taylor Swift, whose struggle against Scooter Braun (with the shipped to like on ‘The Man’) for the rights of their songs has course be immersed in a real hell.

“The silence, the complicity and obedience of the women are rewarded with the protection against harassment. It is very frustrating to be a person open, that constantly and very deliberately is misrepresented as a disorder chaotic, irrational, and manipulative. I am a person quite rational and quiet. Yes, I make SMALL mistakes that are not ideal. But I have not attacked anyone, I haven’t removed the rights to anyone. And my small errors don’t add up or erased the good work that I have done to change the policies and start great conversations in the main stream” says Jameela in the text that he has shared in his Instagram, where he has extended the message that I wanted to convey on Twitter.

It also happens with Greta Thunberg, to which many refer to as and have a bearing on their illness to discredit your merit and your movement to stop climate change.

“This is a well-oiled machine, which we use to destroy a strong woman, amplify your mistakes smaller, paint it with the light off and threateningto not only silence, but also to discourage others from speaking, for fear that they also may be hunted and defamed. DON’T LET THIS PUT YOU OFF. We can’t go back now. I will continue until I die, for you to see that I am still living and working and thriving and then you will see that they can’t destroy you”says Jamil to encourage his followers not to let them take away your voice.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez with only 29 years, he became the congressman in the young united States. Ocasio you do not have hairs on the tongue and their arguments in the house of representatives, that become viral, it has become all an icon within the policy.

“They can destroy your reputation by the people who are not on your side anyway. Speak up and talk. The more we are, the more difficult it will be to enlighten, to slander and to silence an army of women who tell society to go to shit. We can give back to this shit whenever and when we ourselves we do not believe the misogyny internalized, and we continue to support the women who throw backeven if they are slightly disordered. Only we have been given the opportunity to fight,” he says of the mode of action at the time to discredit a woman.

These are some of the examples, next to Meghan Markle, tv presenter Oprah Winfrey or the princess Diana of Walesthat Jameela Jamil has used within its applauded assay.

“The men (you are not surprised literally assaulting someone) in the shit constantly and are received with respect, forgiveness and a presumption of good intent on your part. Women for the smallest of errors are the snake. The serpent of the garden of Eden… sent to disrupt and destroy. We have to stop this narrative pushing together against it. I love how open and combative that they are, even, almost especially when I scold her. KEEP IT ON HIGH. Stronger. I know rude. Desquitate” he finished saying in his reflection.

Jameela Jamil is a tv presenter, model and british actress known for be activist, above all in the social networks of LGBT people and a speaker a feminist.

Although it comes out with the musician James Blake from 2015 (the singing of Rosalia ‘Barefoot in the dark’) came out a few months ago of the closet and are defined as ‘queer’ in order to give visibility to the bisexual.