The reflection of ‘Chicharito’ Hernández in times of coronavirus: “I am surprised that I paid so much money and the doctors-nothing”


From London to Sevilla and then to Los Angeles. The last few months in the life of Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez they were quite agitated and was moving on several occasions. Went from West Ham to Seville and from there to Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS. Now you find yourself doing the confinement, together with its partner Sara Kohan and your son Noha in the city of southern California, from where he launched a deep reflection.

In an interview broadcast on YouTube, the aztec soccer player, he was very aware of the great effort made by the staff of the health in the world to fight against the advance of the COVID-19.

“I hope that this will improve our reality. Hopefully, it will serve to that people that is in higher levels in all the senses you can learn from this and not have so much inequality. I’ve always felt. Sometimes it is amazing to me for doing a sport I pay so much money while doctors and scientists looking for the cure against something that is stopping the world to gain nothing, economically speaking”he mused ‘Chicharito’ in an interview with the stand-up comedian mexican Sofia Niño de Rivera.

“You are trying to do their own thing, try to match that and try not to have so much inequality with all the people that is around me. Obviously I’m a little concerned but assured that my family is in good health and I’m trying to do what is in my trench to improve the reality of many people”, added the former player of the Manchester United and Real Madrid.

While still waiting for the MLS resumes like the vast majority of football leagues worldwide, Chicharito he takes refuge in his house United States, which is currently the country with the highest number of hiv infections globally and the number of people killed continues to climb. There enjoy living together with your partner and your child.

“With Sara (Kohan), we have many things related and others notbut we have something very clear the respect, of freedom. We get on very well, all is not rosy, but the love is there, we have a very good coexistence. This stability, it is good for us, because we were moving a lot. Noah is just grabbing the rhythm of sleep and yes it comes to us very well. We have in mind to enjoy what is in this isolation,” said Chicharito.

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