The release date for the Borderlands movie was announced at San Diego Comic-Con.

Based on the series of shooters of the same name, a film was made Borderlands now has an official release date.

The action-comedy adaptation wrapped up principal photography in 2021 but has since been somewhat stuck in limbo after several rounds of reshoots that pushed the release further than expected. We now have its release date shared by Deadline.

Borderlands Feature Film Release Date Announcement

Borderlands led mainly Eli Rothknown for his work in film Hostels AND Cabin Fever. Roth was reportedly busy during filming, so Lionsgate enlisted the help of Tim Miller, the director behind the film. Dead Poolto lead the project for a few weeks.

The cast includes Oscar winners. Cate Blanchett AND Jamie Lee CurtisNear Kevin Hart, Ariana Greenblatt AND Jack Black in the role piece of iron. The feature film follows Blanchett’s version of the vault hunter. Lilithwho returns to Pandora and accepts an assignment from Atlas, a powerful weapons manufacturer.

Borderlands movie release date

Borderlands release date

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the film’s release date scheduled for August 9, 2024. At this time, we don’t know if this will be the film’s worldwide release date or if it will hit some theaters later. Let’s see.

In related news, Gearbox is hard at work on Tales from the Borderlands 2.

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