The release of Final Fantasy VII Remake-Version Physically Moved was Threatened, Due to Corona


INDOZONE.ID This time Square Enix is getting ready to start a game, RPG (Role-playing Game), new processing, namely the Final Fantasy VII Remake. You are aware that this game will be available in physical and also digital for console, the PlayStation 4.

But recently Square Enix via its official Twitter account announced that the release of the physical version of the game is threatened due to the corona virus. This is because currently banned in many countries, shipments from other countries.

“Because of the presence of the virus COVID-19, we will have an update, wanted to make available, how this condition can writes on the release of the game Final Fantasy VII Remake”, Square Enix.

Square Enix to ensure that the game started on April 10, 2020. However, there are certain countries that have not yet been the physical version of the game.

“The worldwide launch of Final Fantasy VII Remake still run on 10 April. However, since the distribution of the problems in some countries, lead to the fact that some of you get the game when it was released later,” said Square Enix.

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