The remix of John Mayer that took him to all sides: An interview with Matoma


If we talk about the ‘new wave’ of producers of electronic music, without a doubt, we should make mention of Matoma. This kid is a kid is a DJ and producer Norwegian. He began his musical training playing classical piano since I was very small –which Zedd–, but little by little he was discovering his true vocation.

Little by little, has made a name within the industry, but it was a remix that catapulted him in the eyes of the world. We talked about his remix of “Free Falling“, cover of John Mayer Tom Petty, which premiered in 2014, and already has millions and millions of reproductions. Eye, because he was only 23 years old when he made this production.

We had the opportunity to talk with him before his first visit to Mexico, and told us what he thinks of John Mayer, as well as his first steps in electronic music.

– For the people that are still not so familiar with Matoma, what us would you say is your background? When did you start to produce?

My background I would say that it is linked a lot with classical piano, I started to play it when I was about seven years old, and at 20 or 21 I listened to all kinds of music, as well as artists and producers, very different from each other.

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– And what can you tell us about your first tracks? Do you remember when you started to produce?

… Of course I remember it! I used to listen a lot of music and I paid particularly more attention to what is captivating my senses. All the time I wanted to create music that you connect with more people and this is the same idea that I am doing something new.

– I know you have a remix of “Free Falling”, a cover of John Mayer, what do you think of him as a musician?

I think it is a legend, and is multitalentoso, plays the piano, and a large number of instruments, I firmly believe that is one of the best composers of today, their compositions are simply amazing, I love them.

– You come from Norway, the same country that many musicians and producers of great stature such as Kygo, Alan Walker, Erlend Øye, etc, What influences do you think have shaped your sound in terms of your roots?

I don’t think my country has an influence on my music, however, I do think that has had a great influence on me as a person to become more creative. I don’t think that it would be as I am if I had not grown up in the place in which I did, a small town with not more than one thousand people, and many times also the same nature inspires you, so be surrounded by all this definitely helped. I really enjoyed growing up there and having the opportunity of having a brother who always take care of me and encouraged me to pursue my dream in music.

– What do you think has been your most memorable moment so far? How do you see yourself in 10 years?

I think I’ve already had some milestones in my career, I have done big collaborations with artists such as Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez, for example, as well as with numerous bands and artists. I feel that I have had great moments throughout my career, but I will always believe that every issue is out in the light will be the best you’ve done in that time and I am proud of the things that I have taken. I hope that within 10 years keep working to make more quality music, as well as the power to produce even more.

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– This is the first time that you will in Mexico, what have you heard of this public?

Yes, it will be the first time you go to Mexico City, never before I have visited and I am excited for everything that I’ve read about her, only her population is four times larger than that of Norway, so that excites me a lot, I have been told that the atmosphere is great and the people are adorable.

I like to imagine that the people that Mexico is a bit similar to that of Brazil: I like to dance, sing and move, as well as is remarkable the influence of different rhythms, so I can’t wait to get to influence them with a little of my music, and with a little luck dancing.