The “Renaissance of Cinecitta” also made headlines in Spain.

“The stars are returning to Cinecitta. Legendary exploration in the eternal city has brought back the splendor of the past after decades of living in the shadows.”

So writes Vanguardia correspondent Anna Bui, heading her article Cinecitta revivalist (Revival of Cinecitta).

After The newspaper “New York Times, Economist, Sunday Times, The keeper, diversity AND french filmtoday is also a big article about Vanguard talks about the return of the star in “Hollywood on the Tiber“.

“There Study 5 Where was Fellini filmed? Amarcordproduction workers are finishing the arrangement of sand, which will appear in Those who are about to dieseries of gladiators Roland Emmerich With Anthony Hopkins– the journalist writes again, listing one after another the numerous scenery in the work that she encountered during her visit to the Studio on Via Tuscolana: from the one with Mexican architecture created for strangeFilm about Luca Guadagnino With Daniel Craigto the perfect reconstruction of Milan in the 1920s for M: Son of the centurytaken from a book by Antonio Scurati and directed by the director Joe Wrightbefore the release of the Netflix adaptation Decameron Boccaccio with signature Jenji Kohan.

“This is an important moment for Cinecittà, which demonstrates that it can play the role it played in the 1950s and 1960s in the audiovisual world,” Cinecittà’s CEO told the newspaper. Cinecitta, Nicola Maccanico.

“There are several factors that led to this result,” the correspondent continues. First of all significant growth in production for platforms after the slowdown caused by the pandemic, then the tax system is beneficial to the film industryAND period when two great masters such as Sorrentino and Guadagnino compete for top prizes“.

And then there’s the emotional factor.– adds CEO Mechanical. “Many of today’s directors, inspired by yesterday’s greats like Fellini or Visconti, want to come and shoot here.” “Among them is Nanni Moretti, who has returned to Cinecitta to film part of his latest film Adventure Sun,” says Anna Bui.

According to the correspondentof course, the fact that Cinecittà equipped the biggest Ledwall in Europe in a year and a half also helped a lot (in Theater 18, ed.), which allows directors to shoot directly with pre-made visuals without the green screen that had to be added in post-production. The first person to use it was Angelina Jolie who shot there last year without bloodtaken from Alessandro Baricco’s book (…)”

“Directors love Cinecitta Because the light of Rome is special, and it helps to create better content,” he comments. Mechanical. “And speaking of films set in ancient Rome, what kind of light is better than the real thing?»

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