The reproach of Reese Witherspoon Zoe Kravitz for posting this photo for his birthday


Reese Witherspoon and Zoe Kravitz have narrowed very much for your friendship after matching on the set of the filming of ‘Big Little Lies‘.

In the series Zoe plays Bonnie and Reese embodies Madeline, two characters that do not mix all that very well, because the first house later with the first husband of the second.

Something that has nothing to do in reality, as Kravitz and Witherspoon they are great friends.

Now, the star of ‘legally blonde’ just celebrated his 44 birthday and for the occasion Zoe the has congratulated a series of pictures of Reese when she was young.

“Happy birthday to fashion icon. I love you so much”, was the message that accompanied the publication on Instagram.

Although, it seems to be the blonde not expecting this collection in the past and we have answered with a: ‘why?’, leaving patent his astonishment.

After he has returned to write another message more affectionate: “I love you too, tonti”.

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