The researchers Call Android Auto and Apple Car is more Dangerous than…



LONDON To infiltrate technology, in which devices in modern cars, so the increased safety and comfort. The monitoring blind spot, pedestrian detection, and cruise control-adaptive, which makes the car safer, ternyara can make driving more dangerous and disturbing.

A new study from the IAM, road smart, Organisation of road safety, with headquarters in the UK, which was formed in the year 1956, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto behind the wheel more dangerous than drunk drivers.

These are bold claims, however, according to the research, the Organisation, use Apple’s CarPlay and a touch-screen interface of Android Auto, the driver improve the response time more than driving in a drunken state (at the border is valid), text-messages, the use of marijuana and driving, and talking on the phone.

Quoted from: page Motor1the research, carried out by the IAM for the help of TRL, FIA, and Rees Jeffreys Road Fund, the fact that the driver divert their eyes from the road for 16 seconds when using both systems software. It is more than 500 meters (1,640 ft) at 70 miles per hour (112 km per hour).

This study comes to the conclusion that drivers who drank alcohol within the limits allowed, the response time slows down to 12%. Past marijuana users have a reaction travel decreased by 21%, whereas sending a text while driving dropped 35%.

The results of the study also show, call brake on the phone-trigger-enhanced-response of driving up to 46%. While Android Auto and Apple CarPlay lower the reaction time was respectively 53% and 57%.

Also with the voice control for the second system also fixed the slow response time of up to 30% and 36%. Disease, increase the negative impact on braking distance and line control from the driver.

The study also found the fact that the drivers spend to underestimate the amount of time you looking away from the road, less than 5 seconds. The participants in the study could not react to outside stimuli in front of the road, if the parties involved with both systems. The driver several times give reactions are slowed down by as much as 50%.