The return of Johnny Depp is closer than ever!

Johnny Depp makes peace with Disney and his return as Jack Sparrow is closer than ever because “anything is possible”!

Johnny Depp vowed he would never play the legendary Jack Sparrow again, but time seems to heal all wounds. There are many films that take years and even decades to make, but that’s much less common when it comes to a new installment in a successful franchise. However, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 this is a separate case as a legal dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was one of the main reasons for its lengthy production. The actor vowed he would never return to play Jack Sparrow for Disney, no matter how much he was paid, but now things seem to have changed and we’re closer than ever to his return to the hit action-adventure saga!

We were already starting to speculate that something similar could have happened when Disney left the door open for a possible return of Johnny Depp in a rather curious way, namely by stating that there were no planned commitments at the moment. The fact that they didn’t rule out the idea of ​​returning to work with a star anyway meant that they were trying to change the protagonist’s mind in one of their most successful sagas.

Surely this prompted the actor himself to talk about his possible new collaboration with Disney, and a source close to him said that “Anything is possible. If the design is right, it will be.”. Now the ball is in the hands of a studio that badly needs big hits after the avalanche of disappointments and box office failures it experienced in 2023.

At the moment the manufacturer Pirates of the CaribbeanJerry Bruckheimer has stated several times that he would love to bring the legendary Johnny Depp character back to the big screen, and has always said that one of the biggest obstacles to writing a finished script for the sixth film in the franchise is precisely the uncertainty surrounding the character of Jack Sparrow.

If Depp’s comeback finally comes to fruition – perhaps the actor just doesn’t want to be in this movie, but he won’t have a problem collaborating with Disney on any other project – the next step is to figure out how to deal with the possible reappearance of other characters. Orlando Bloom, for example, is excited about the opportunity to play Will Turner again, but Keira Knightley has no interest in reprising her role as Elizabeth Swann.

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