The return of regionalism to rap music?

I feel that regionalism really coming backare the words spoken by Kari Fox regarding rap scene Modern. The artist’s intervention allows us to reflect on the current state of hip-hop, which, as Dr. Dre is going through a period of great change.

Since 2016, trap has made rap the most popular and popular genre in the world. In the past year, the trend seems to have reversed, and this phase of relative calm allows for a regional flair to re-emerge: an aspect of hip hop from the start.

At the origins of the genre: the innate regionalism of rap

August 11 next year will be the fiftieth anniversary of double culture H and repetitiveness allows you to remember that rap was born precisely as a localized phenomenon. Early seventies right in the Big Apple Cindy Campbell AND DJ Cool Herc they sowed the seeds of revolution.

The focus remained on New York even into the 1980s, and in the following decade, the characteristics of many other cities emerged. for all, Los Angelesmain competitor to Notorious BIG and Bad Boy Records.

The murders of 2Pac and Biggie then made the community reflect on the resulting escalated division. Thus, a calmer climate contributed to the emergence of new currents, led by DetroitV Virginia and etc. Dirty South.

These new families found their champions in Eminem, Missy Elliott and The Outkast – to name a few – and reached an ever-wider audience.

new millennium

With the advent of the 2000s, rap finally consolidated its position in the mainstream without much attention to geographical differences. Literally for the two-year period 2015-2016. trap instead, it has established itself as the most common form of rap.

For nearly eight years, the style has dominated streaming platforms, festival venues and the charts, even polluting other genres. Its omnipresence has satiated the market, causing a slump in rap music, which has plummeted in terms of sales and media presence since 2022.

Our editorial staff had the opportunity to talk about this in detail in a podcast episode. I will not say, but some data will certainly help to understand how much the situation has changed. The last rap song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 was super freaky girl Nicki Minaj: It was August 22, 2022.

July 10 this year pink ribbon by Lil Uzi Vert debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 200, becoming the first rap album of the year to do so. He was the last one to succeed Heroes and villains Metro Bumin in December 2022.


Thus, this period of relative calm provides an opportunity for regional differences to emerge: a kind of return to the origins of hip-hop, when territorial characteristics were everything.

One of the liveliest scenes is New York. There drill may displace trap as the most popular subgenre and the like ice spice AND Lola Brook they take it to the next level, especially in terms of commercial results.

Princess Diana Remix AND Don’t play with it have so far amassed a large number of streams and radio airplay, paving the way for the two rappers not only into the major US charts but also to respectable media coverage.

Another East Coast family certainly belongs to Griselda Records. Team Westside Gunn, champion boom bapmade Buffalo one of the most famous metropolitan areas thanks to its unmistakable aesthetic and unrivaled musical performance.

Redemption of the Dirty South

Even the traditional third rap family, originally heading to Miami, is experiencing a new spring: however, the city is now a new point of reference Houston.

Megan you stallionstarting in 2017, brought the South’s lewd sound and sexual lyrics back to the attention of the masses. Kari Fo who, moving away from an essentially southern sound, usually pollutes his productions with different styles and genres.

The Dirty South recently received another major recognition with the signing of Roc Nation of KenTheManbecoming, thus, one of the few women who signed a contract with the famous label JAY-Z.

Memphis crunk and the Gold Coast

Another fast growing area is Memphis. The absolute hero of the scene is Glorilla which in recent months has revived crunch. Her FNF extension AND Tomorrow 2 re-offered to the public the sound and image typical of the twenty-year-old scene, with an appealing look to the younger generation as well.

Instead, looking across the West Coast, the area’s features have been dominant in the musical production of artists of the caliber Larry June, Jay Rock AND sovity. We’re talking about rappers who have always carried the Gold Coast flag high, maintaining their fan base with a rich discography and consistent aesthetic.

Western family rap was born to represent the lifestyle of the streets of the City of Angels, and the music of these rappers brought it back to the center of storytelling and musical performance.

What are the prospects for regionalism in rap music?

New York, Houston and Memphis are just some of the new music capitals of today’s scene. It will be interesting to see if and how this rap regionalism will evolve in the coming times, in the face of an ever-changing music industry and fierce competition from genres like dance and country.

On the other hand, artists love Baby Kim AND Doechi, future stars of hip-hop culture, showed us that the boundaries between genres can become more and more blurred. That this regionalism represents a transitional phase towards a panorama devoid of musical differences?

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